Field Notes: Appreciation Station

1/11/2013 | Amy Tibbals
Stacey Jo Rabiger

Field Notes: Be Grateful | How Best To Show Your People You Love Them

We may or may not have mentioned Cody's aptitude for throwing a solid soiree in the past. In his gathering efforts, he exudes the unbridled passion of a Liberty-Park live-action role player; he loves this stuff. So we knew we were in for something ace when he threw a party for his COLLECTIVE people last weekend. It went off at Cody's space in the Maryland, which made for the ideal setting; cozy, classy, and toasty warm. If you've got people that need thanking, we've got tips for doing just that:

1. Show the love. Cody is ever mindful that there are a million ways to show your people that you love them. A party in their honor is one of the most appreciated. COLLECTIVELY, we enjoy the drink, the food, and the joy of a hug. A well-planned party makes all three a happy reality.

2. Dress-Up. It makes for fancy-time fun. Ball gowns are hardly necessary, but on occasion it's worthwhile to channel a time when folks got all made-up for a trip to the store. Cody requested bow ties or the like, and we happily complied. Between the black dresses, the music, and the glow of candle light, it felt like the perfect mixture of formal and fun.

3. Be Hands-Free. For a host to toy with such notions, wonderful people like those at The Blended Table Catering exist [website below]. With a bit of pre-planning, Cody was able to socialize freely, while the amazing Ally and Emily [many thanks, ladies] greeted guests, poured drinks, served food, cleaned up. Their set-up was minimal, lovely and delicious. A clever idea for any host/hostess.

4. Toss in A Small Surprise. Cody made a well-timed connection, which led him [then us] to the adorable face and amazing voice of Selja Sini. She's the cutest thing we've ever seen with a ukelele, and she's got the chops to back it up. For a perfect while, we cozied up and listened to some original ditties in the light of a thousand candles. Best venue ever. Have a listen here or see her website [below].

The Blended Table | Selja Sini



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