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9/4/2014 | Amy Tibbals
Kerri Fukui


Eggs In the City is one of those tried-'n'-true local joints that's all sorts of easy to love. Located on a sweet little corner in the Wasatch Hollow area [just kitty-corner from Emigration Market], it's an adorable service-station-turned-fave-brunch-joint that's equal parts modern and old-timey charm. Tasty 'n' hearty. Unique menu that feels deliciously familiar, and a vibe that makes you want to head back for three square a day.

For those who've never been [yeah, right], a word of advice: show up with your appetite fully intact. There's plenty to try, and you'll likely want to sample all of it. Which lends itself to a second suggestion: go with family and pals…this way, your wandering fork is less likely to be met with a stink-eye and a curt request to "go to hell." We've certainly got our favorites--the French toast is no slouch on the plate, and we suggest that any newbies give the biscuits and gravy a good, old-fashioned whirl. You're welcome.

We particularly love the staff at Eggs, but best for you to find that out on your own. They serve up good stuff until 2:00pm every day, so take your act to that adorable patio while you've got this sensational weather to enjoy. We had a chat with the manager, Riley Santi, about the food, the fans, and the future of Eggs. Mouth-watering stuff here. Read on...

Eggs in the City | 1675 E 1300 S, SLC | 801.581.0809


We heard your building used to be a gas station…tell us a little about the space: 50 years ago, it was a gas station. Then after that it was a coffee shop that I used to come to with my Grandpa. It still has the original garage doors from when it was a gas station, so people are actually eating where the cars used to get serviced. There is also a safe cemented into the ground--it's under what is now our dishwashing station--that we couldn’t remove.

Every time we come, you guys are packed with faithful customers and employees. How do you do it? Some of our employees have sort of become local celebrities. Like Jessa, who’s been with us for seven years. She’s covered in beautiful tattoos, so customers like to take photos with her when they come in. Jared, another of our employees, also works at the State Room and used to bartend there…so, he would serve our customers drinks at night and then cure their hangover with tasty food the next morning. It’s a fun neighborhood…we’re great friends with Jolley’s across the street. We do a lot of special events in the neighborhood. We also rent out our building after hours. We have fun with our customers and really get to know our regulars.

We’ve heard you have a secret menu…vicious rumor or truthful gossip? Our secret menu is a combo of customer and employee creations. We have very creative chefs who also cook at home...they’re always coming up with stuff. The Pot Roast Tacos and the Jared Sandwich have become off menu favorites, for example.

Is Eggs precisely what you all imagined it’d be, or has it evolved into something different? The first day we opened, we didn’t even have highchairs. It takes a while to learn and adapt to what people want. We switch things based on customer suggestions, like honey packets to honey bears. We do what we can to give to charity, as well.

You have another restaurant. How does it compare? Our other spot is Herm’s Inn in Logan, which has an upgraded kitchen and is about 2 to 3 times the size of Eggs In the City. The larger kitchen allows them to do some things there that we can’t here…like pancake challenges that involve a short stack of pancakes the size of a large pizza. Herm's is now run by Ryan, who worked here for about three years. They are unique restaurants, similar, but each with their own tweaks.

Do you have any plans to expand? Well, we don't own the building, so as far as the size of the space, that will stay the same. But we do have a full renovation planned; after being in business for over 10 years, we think it’s time to update.

What are some of your favorite restaurants in our salty city? I frequent Pago. South China House on 9th has the best Chinese food in town. I’m also a wing fan, so I love Wing Coup on 39th South. And for special occasions, I go to Flemings…it’s where I have my birthday dinner every year.

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