Dreamy Dream | Design Side

5/29/2014 |
Kerri Fukui

 Bottom line: I'm smitten with my job, ever in the midst of a happy dance. I get the all-too-frequent honor of helping people create the space they dream of. Most recently, I had the amazing opportunity to work with Forest Seaman [of DFS Construction] and Christopher Day on their gorgeous little mid-century modern fixer on Millstream Drive. You saw it last week, right? It wasn't available for long -- she zipped under contract just as quickly as we put her on the market.

It was a run down, forgotten mid-mod home needed a lot of love [see a couple of before shots here], and the guys trusted me to know precisely what kind of lovin' was needed for a clean fix. I've mentioned it before, but it's worth repeating: knowing which elements of a home are worth saving and which to let go of can make or break a remodel...particularly for a well-designed space like this one. I did my best to create a game-plan and, praise be to Betsy, they made my vision a stunning reality. It was the result of a winning team, really. If I could dream it, Forest was capable of creating it. They trusted my design implicitly, and I trusted the craftsmanship without hesitation. It was a recipe for fun and indulgence, and it's as close to a perfect mix as you can get for a project like this one [we needn't lay out every design element. Rather, take a minute to peek at the lovely photos below]. Hopefully, the results speak for themselves. Really, nothing compliments your hard work like a bidding war right outta the gate.

To see more of Andrea's design work, click here.

Millstream_Design-33 Millstream_Design-1 Millstream_Design-30 Millstream_Design-2 Millstream_Design-34 Millstream_Design-41 Millstream_Design-3 Millstream_Design-8 Millstream_Design-11 Millstream_Design-6 Millstream_Design-5 Millstream_Design-29 Millstream_Design-40 Millstream_Design-25 Millstream_Design-26 Millstream_Design-10 Millstream_Design-28 Millstream_Design-12 Millstream_Design-31 Millstream_Design-32 Millstream_Design-4 Millstream_Design-15 Millstream_Design-16 Millstream_Design-38 Millstream_Design-17 Millstream_Design-18 Millstream_Design-39 Millstream_Design-19 Millstream_Design-20 Millstream_Design-24 Millstream_Design-21 Millstream_Design-22 Millstream_Design-43 Millstream_Design-42


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