Field Notes: Dog Days

7/11/2011 |
Cody Derrick

Field Notes: How Best to Optimize the Upcoming Dog Days of Summer

1. Lay down when you are tired; wherever you are, no matter who you're with or what you're doing. Set a table outside with freshly-cut flowers and a winter blanket that might otherwise be stowed away. Include snacks that require little-to-no maintenance, i.e. nuts, olives, crackers and cheese. Then, when you decide you'd rather rest in the sun, your people will applaud your balanced life, rather than feel neglected.

2. Show your people you love them in the most inappropriate, authentic ways possible; jump on them, lick them, and lay your head on their feet. Follow them around and look to them for comfort. If you're anything like Pearl (perfectly balanced life, pictured above), you'll do your best to herd the group before finding your solo space.

3. Be a loyal friend, and don't forget to smell strangers to determine if they may be a future guest at the table of your life. This is my official stance...I think deodorant is for the birds. Hence, the Dog Blog.

4. Drink when you're thirsty. In this case, from the vintage crystal "up" glasses found at the downtown antique mall. They made (in my opinion) the cocktails taste classier. Make it up as you go; egg whites, honey, gin, muddled basil with jalapenos, fresh grapefruit, and the juice of a lime. Shaken and strained; exactly the opposite of my point.  Aaahhh...summer.  C'mere, girl.



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