Design of the Devil's Hand?

6/20/2013 | Amy Tibbals
Photos Courtesy of SLUG

This weekend is big for lovers of art. The Utah Arts Fest will own two city blocks throughout the weekend, and those who need an added dose can detour around said festivities on Friday night to hit up the usual Gallery Stroll fave spots. There is one show in particular that we think will be wickedly fun; Design of the Devil's Hand? is taking place at the Mandate Press and the concept behind the show is dark and appealing. Masterminded by Justin Nelson-Carruth and Robin Banks, the diabolical effort challenges 30 local artists to turn to the printing press and depict their own version of the devil. It's a show that's actually meant to highlight human consistencies rather than differences, the idea being that our COLLECTIVE 'dark parts' might actually show a lot of similarity to one another, especially in regard to ol' Beelzebub. Intriguing, yeah? Expect to see the works of Sri Whipple, Dan Christofferson, Ben Wiemeyer, Trent Call, Nic Annette Miller, the show creators themselves, and others. Don't expect to be bored, hungry, or thirsty -- Squatters and other local food carts will be providing beer and food, The Rose Establishment will serve up some iced coffee, and DJ Andy Cvar will be spinning some appropriate tunes. More detail can be found in a tasty story by SLUG here.

Design of the Devil's Hand? | Mandate Press | June 21st | 6pm 'til the Devil's bedtime



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