Cozy Nook | Grab a Book

12/31/2013 | Amy Tibbals
Andrea Beecher

Everyone needs a space to retreat from the grind of daily life. A good spot for curling up with a book, a little relaxation and meditation, or a touch of alone time. Life as a 3-year old can be tough; precisely why I was asked by Gabby's parents to pull some design thoughts together and create a little book nook in their Millcreek home. It was the perfect solution for a dead-end basement hallway, and it came down to using every bit of square footage to the fullest/most efficient extent. The steps for creating this little oasis are pretty simple, actually:

1.  Find a small space typically used for random storage or nothing at all.

2.  Grab a wool flokati rug [or similar] and lay it beneath a cuddle puddle of pillows.

3.  Add a stylish reading lamp to put Dr. Seuss in the best possible light.

4.  Hang a couple of pieces of art for inspiration and reflection.

5.  Find some cute curtains [a critical ingredient!] and close the space off to potential intruders.

Bottom line, get creative. There's usually at least one spot in every home that doesn't get used and could do with a touch of life. See below for a 'before' shot and plenty of cozy 'afters'.

reading-nook-1 copyreading-nook-8reading-nook-2 copyreading-nook-5reading-nook-12


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