Place of Worship | Imbue's Concrete Curve

8/24/2012 | Amy Tibbals
Marcus MacDonald

Neighborhood: Sugarhouse

Architect: Imbue Design

Builder: Benchmark Modern

Our Opinion: Imbue is breathing choice design all through the streets of SLC, precisely as needed, and we're COLLECTIVELY and completely on board. Their modern homes are popping up with increased frequency, and every last structure pairs adventurous perspective with quality stock. And, in the spirit of avid testimony, we think the Concrete Curve project places the Imbue team's ingenuity on unabashed display. This incredible home will boast a strong, concrete bone that creates a flow from the entry way to the master suite. Splits in the concrete will allow for a flood of natural light with the rising sun and sensational views of Mt. Olympus [a vital feature, we say]. They'll be giving views back, as well; plans for a greenhouse on the south side of the home will pour out of ceiling-high windows and add some serious curb appeal to the neighborhood. Construction is moving along and we're COLLECTIVELY itching to see the completion of another brilliant Imbue installation. Thanks to the boys at Imbue for continued inspiration and for encouraging our city's locals to walk the neighborhoods at a significantly slower pace.

Architect's Opinion: "Built for a family of the greenest thumbs this side of the divide, this unique design focuses all its effort on the garden. The graceful, sweeping concrete wall with floor-to-ceiling glazing frames a stunning view of the fertile garden from every aspect in the architecture. Views are replaced with natural light in the basement, pouring in from above to the band room and art space. Family values rein high with this group; all three daughters share a communal living space with adjacent private sleeping quarters. This house is the perfect incubator for raising plants and children alike." - Imbue


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