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8/20/2015 |

cityhomeCOLLECTIVE holds dear two charges in this world: real estate and design. And while it's true that we're hopelessly devoted to Utah, we can also put our passion to practice in helping those outside our sensational state find their spot on the map. Let us explain...

We know that there are plenty of misconceptions about exactly what it is we do here at CHC. Yes, we write stories and take lovely photos of locals and their businesses, architecture in our city, crisply-designed spaces, and cultural happenings. We love that. But what we REALLY do--like, the thing that we slay every day--is help people buy, sell, and design homes. We're a locally-started, locally-run, and locally-obsessed (hence, the stories) team of realtors and designers. And we realtors and designers have one very clear and heartfelt goal…we want you to love where you live. We want to help you find the space that suits you perfectly. If it doesn't exist, we want to help you create it. That's it.

We want to help all of you to that end. We don't discriminate based on the price of the home you're selling, the price for which you want to buy, or the amount of design help you may or may not need. We have agents and designers to help with spaces large and small on every spot on the map. Which brings us to our point here: no matter where you want to live, we can help. It's not easy to find realtors with this kind of passion--and if they haven't got it, we think you're far less likely to land in the spot that is unequivocally yours. The easy solution is to give us a ring, friends. Whether you want to sell a home in France, or purchase in Wisconsin, we have a referral network of realtors the world over who are worthy of holding your hand in the process. We know this biz like the back of our COLLECTIVE hands, and we can vet out the agent/firm that will dazzle and delight you. Buying a beach house in New Zealand? Getting rid of your modern build in Austin? Looking for a wee cottage in Nova Scotia? We'll find people to help. Then you can find your space.

Contact us at 801.718.5555 to discuss your out-of-state/international needs. We'll do the rest.

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