The May-borhood

10/8/2013 |
Corigan Kushma

Fun fact for  SLC mid-century buffs: there are 14 original, prefab, Cliff May-designed homes nestled into the hillside of Olympus Cove. Fun fact for those unfamiliar with the name Cliff May: he was a California architect, known as the ‘Father of the California Ranch House’ -- his designs were based on indoor/outdoor living, and featured large open glass walls, vaulted ceilings, patios, and courtyards. So, we like him.

And in the spirit of celebrating and appreciating fine architecture, kudos are in high order for local, Missy Cannell. She's the owner of Cannella's [blog coming soon on that tasty spot] and she's lived in her Cliff May home for 50 years. And in true, 50s, good ol' days fashion, she pulled together what we think is a pretty stellar and genial event. Missy sent flyers to the other Cliff-May dwellers in the 'hood, thereby inviting them for a neighborly get-together in the spirit of a bow-and-cursty to the architect himself [a ‘Cliff Dweller Reunion]’. Old, new, and soon-to-be neighbors, alike, shared remodeling ideas, talked of neighborhood happenings, and reminisced about those come and gone. Summed up, people + space = connection, which obviously endorse with whole hearts. Step 1: take a cue from Missy, or channel Mr. Rogers. Step 2: make a neighborly connection. Step 3: love where you live.

Cliff-May-Mid-Century-Modern-Western-Ranch-Home-Salt-Lake-City-15 Cliff-May-Mid-Century-Modern-Western-Ranch-Home-Salt-Lake-City-16Cliff-May-Mid-Century-Modern-Western-Ranch-Home-Salt-Lake-City-10Cliff-May-Mid-Century-Modern-Western-Ranch-Home-Salt-Lake-City-8Cliff-May-Mid-Century-Modern-Western-Ranch-Home-Salt-Lake-City-6Cliff-May-Mid-Century-Modern-Western-Ranch-Home-Salt-Lake-City-1Cliff-May-Mid-Century-Modern-Western-Ranch-Home-Salt-Lake-City-3Cliff-May-Mid-Century-Modern-Western-Ranch-Home-Salt-Lake-City-11Cliff-May-Mid-Century-Modern-Western-Ranch-Home-Salt-Lake-City-9Cliff-May-Mid-Century-Modern-Western-Ranch-Home-Salt-Lake-City-7Cliff-May-Mid-Century-Modern-Western-Ranch-Home-Salt-Lake-City-12Cliff-May-Mid-Century-Modern-Western-Ranch-Home-Salt-Lake-City-13Cliff-May-Mid-Century-Modern-Western-Ranch-Home-Salt-Lake-City-14Cliff-May-Mid-Century-Modern-Western-Ranch-Home-Salt-Lake-City-17


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