Cale Montrone | Revolv-ing

6/7/2013 | Amy Tibbals
Stacey Jo Rabiger

It feels safe enough to say that Revolv has really shocked some folks [in the good way] since its re-launch last year. The crystal cool kid behind the pages is Cap'n Cale Montrone, and he's running a mighty tight ship. The savvy publication with divine art direction has become a quarterly treat for us -- our Salt City Bible, complete with uplifting local revelations, but void of all the sour fire-and-brimstone hype.

Cale & Co. are covering that which we also COLLECTIVELY endorse; the creators, builders, and players in our city are endless in numbers, and Revolv is glorifying that shit. What's more, they're putting it in some seriously sexy print. There's just something savory about flipping through the freshly-printed pages of a mag that speaks on the meat-and-potatoes of your life. There's a scrappy side to our city that they're not shying away from, as well, and we think it's worth saying that if you're not yet a reader, you should pull your life together. Each new issue can be found at a myriad of local spots [listed here], and you need to make your way to one of them come printin' time. We had a little chat with Cale to see how things are going at the offices of our new favorite periodical. Read on. We're just trying to spread the good word.


1. Sum and substance, what is Revolv to you? In your mind, what's the primary purpose/goal of this [superbly-stitched-together] publication? It's all about community awareness. We try to find amazing people, businesses, neighborhoods, and stories that normally don't get the attention that they deserve, and then we try to present them in a way that will make the reader pay attention. We also try to put as many contrasting groups of people and topics in each issue as we can. We want people to start becoming aware of each other and their surroundings. The more we start to acknowledge and support each other, the better off we are all going to be. We all live here, so we might as well enjoy each other's company...right?

2. What are some of your favorite pieces/stories thus far? You know...things you'd like to see more of if you were merely a reader: I love them all...otherwise I wouldn't be publishing them. Do you know how much printing costs? That shit is expensive! I guess if I had to choose a few, though, I would say the Rose Park, Leo Montoya, and Jay William Henderson articles from issue number one, and the God's Revolver, Andy Carter, Matt Winegar, and DeSign of the Times articles in issue number two. But really, I love them all.

3. We know how we feel about Revolv [fan-fucking-tastic], but what sort of response have you seen from the broader SLC community? The response has been amazing! We had no idea how Revolv was going to be received when we first re-launched it, but the support from the community has been overwhelming. Because we are such a small operation, we have had a few growing pains --some of which are a little embarrassing-- but instead of disregarding us completely, people have been reaching out to help us succeed. I can't even begin to tell you how grateful I am for all of it.

4. Revolv is a free publication that doesn't cut corners; that is to say, every last soul who picks it up is getting the good stuff for free. What do you guys need in order to keep pressing forward? How can we help? Money, and lots of it (I'm laughing). Right now advertising is keeping us alive, so I guess the obvious answer to the question is acquiring more advertising partners. The second biggest thing for us is awareness. The more people that know about Revolv, the better. Whether it's through social media sites, blogs, or whatever...just getting our name out there is huge. We are still a pretty small magazine, so everything helps. You guys have been amazing! You have definitely been one of our biggest supporters thus far, and we really appreciate everything that you have done to help us out. Also, if you have any leads on any sugar mommas, let me know (again...laughing).

5. What should we [as readers and fans] be looking forward to in this next issue? We try not to give away the goods before hand, but I can tell you that there will be a few stories involving The Beatles, eating cow tongue, secret hand-job parties (not what you think...or is it?), rad clothes, bad-ass architecture, spray paint, and world famous woodworking.





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