Cactus & Tropicals | Green with Envy

7/11/2016 |

Our love for locally-owned businesses runs deeeep. Being one ourselves, we know the beautiful struggle, and doling hugs to those brightening our city and bettering its skyline, so to speak, is something we're always happy to do. We’ve been loving on Cactus & Tropicals for quite a while, so it's about time we proclaim our love for appreciation of what this green mecca has done for our salty city. First things first: If you haven’t been, you must go. The variety of plants will certainly impress, but the trip is worth it just for a stroll through the calm, quiet, perfectly sunlit structure. The ultimate greenhouse. A breadth of bonsais, an orchid oasis, a colony of cacti, a sea of succulents--yes, it's cactus and tropicals, but it's also everything in between. They've been doing this in our town for just over 40 years now, and you can trust they know their stuff. Precisely why they expanded services to beyond the greenhouse walls--Cactus & Trops handles in-home and -office plant care in over 900 spaces around the city. So it's more than likely you've seen their work. You're breathing the stuff.

Current owners, Scott and Karin Pynes started as enthusiastic and loyal customers, so when C&T founder, Lorraine Miller, was ready to sell in 2002, they happily made it their own. The two love to  love to putter around the garden, and ultimately, they sought to inspire others. Shortly after purchasing, they opened the sister branch (plant humor) in Draper, which is celebrating 10 years this October. Bonus: both spots serve as drop-dead gorge venues for events of all sorts. For Karin and Scott, the focus has always been to make Cactus & Tropicals a lifestyle spot…a space that encourages folks to live a plant-inspired life, to collaborate with nature in making their personal spaces feel alive and organic and light. A single step into C&T is likely to have you taking up gardening as a full-time hobby stat. Or just filling your home with plants you've no idea how to care for. Lucky you…they can help with that.

Cactus & Tropicals | 2735 S 2000 E & 12252 Draper Gate Dr. | 801.485.2542 or 801.676.0935

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