Breath Advisor

4/17/2013 | Amy Tibbals
Corigan Kushma

So, this is pretty awesome.

Any who have had a DUI can likely agree that it's not an experience worth having. It'll run you somewheres around $10,000, to start. You'll have to start driving under the unforgiving command of an interlock system, which is super sexy. There are court dates and services for the community...possibly jail time. All told, you'll wish you'd called a cab. Local Jason Knott came a tad too close to the nightmarish reality one night, and now we're all cued up to benefit from his experience. Jason left a bar, keys in hand, and sauntered the dangerous line of, "I’m pretty sure I’m ok to drive." Naturally, he was in the midst of a roadside field test a few minutes later where he blew a .081 [certain doom]. In a rare stroke of luck, the officer told him to park his car and call a cab. Inspired to help others avoid the same experience, Jason used his luck wisely. He designed a police-grade blood alcohol test kiosk -- Breath Advisor -- for use in bars. It'll enable patrons to check the levels before they attempt to drive home. Yes, this means that legally drunk drivers will be encouraged to stay off the road, thereby sidestepping a DUI. More importantly, though, it'll likely cut down on the accidents they may have caused. Breath Advisor received an economic development grant from the state and Jason is currently busting ass to get the kiosks in all the local bars. He's offering them at no charge to bar owners [whoa], and there are currently 5 in operation around the city. Casey Staker, owner of Zest kitchen and bar was one of the first to welcome the kiosk. He says he's seen many unsure patrons mull over driving, use the kiosk, and make the wise decision to head home via cab. So, it’s working. For $2, the touch-screen kiosk will dispense a straw and instruct you to ‘blow hard & steady’. After displaying your accurate B.A.C., an option will appear to call a local cab. If you do call a cab, your $2 is refunded. Seriously. “People know that drunk driving is bad, the awareness is there, but the problem is just knowing when you’re past your limit.” True that. Don't drink and drive, people.

Breath Advisor



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