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2/16/2017 |

Imagine walking into a person’s dream. A stretch, maybe, but think about it: a space they'd painstakingly designed in their mind’s eye over and over...mulling through each detail, inspired by the possibilities, driven by what they would serve. This is kind of what it feels like to enter the small, perfectly appointed spot that is Brass Smoothies. For those unawares, Brass is a new (and wee) enriched-smoothie shop wrapped in the warm embrace of the glorious 9th & 9th neighborhood. We've been known to shower the area with love on plenty of occasions, but with some recent additions (including Pizza Nono, Mabo, and Publik Kitchen...stories coming soon) it's fast becoming the coolest of all the 'hoods.

The dreamer behind Brass is Erin Miller, and she's as welcoming as the cute shop's are her business partners, Shalyn Huetter and Mike Coker (they "come in a set"). She credits her hubby, too (Jake Miller of Cathedral and Yellow Rose Tattoo) for the collaborative effort that has landed them in such a sweet spot. The four of them are not so unlike the perfect smoothie...every ingredient integral in making sure that the others shine. Says Erin, "I'm so humbled by the support I've received, so grateful."

Strawberries, coconut, bananas, and the like waft through the air in the Brass Smoothies space, and you can feel your health improving before you even order. Every smoothie is a discovery, each flavor tailor-made to stand in perfect harmony with the rest of the blended sublimity. Mango peaks through your taste buds just after you taste a hint of coconut. Peanut butter melts in your mouth, then boom...there's banana. Hints of cinnamon, dashes of turmeric, the zing of's a well-timed symphony in this place. “We don't sweeten our smoothies with anything other than the sweetness of the fruit, and we aren't putting a tiny handful of greens in--we are putting a serious amount of nutrition in every single one.” Erin says proudly. Every ingredient sourced locally or from a whole-food supplier, they're serving up drinks that are “yummy, diverse and healthy as possible.”  Their process is unique to them. And their business? Blended to ripe perfection.

Brass Smoothies | 925 E. 900 S. | 801.208.6542

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