Blues Barbershop

9/17/2015 | Amy Tibbals
Kerri Fukui


These days, it's easy enough to get caught up in the everyday hustle of the modern-day metropolis. Once classic communal hubs, small-town American barbershops used to offer the chance to take a breather, talk about everything but the kitchen sink, and walk out with a haircut that made you feel like a mil'. Enter charming Holladay City, and you'll find just that--a butcher, a baker, and a sensational throwback to the golden days of barbering (candlestick maker not yet located). Blues Barbershop is nestled in the Holladay Village (affectionately called "the Village" by residents, but thankfully not of the Shyamalanian variety), Blues owners, Christi and Jerone Wedig, have surrounded themselves with an enclave of expertly-trained barbers and clients ranging from business moguls to tattoo artists.

This is a quintessential barbershop, a neighborhood gathering place (precisely what they hoped to be). Founded in Seattle, Washington in 1997--and with a quick St. George stint before settling here--Blues has been "dedicated to elevating the craft of barbering and reviving the American Barbershop tradition" from the jump. The philosophy runs as you'd expect: consistency, connection, and community for every last customer, friend, and neighbor. Haircuts are all well and good in this joint, but those in line for a traditional, straight-razor shave can recline and feel like a downright baller in the chair, too (especially after you're sufficiently lathered with their locally-produced line of all-natural hair products, oils, and balms). Bonus: there's a recording studio in the basement of Blues. So you can catch live shows on the first Saturday of each month (while weather permits), provided by none other than Jerone himself and his band. Yes. Welcome to the new Mayberry, pals.

This weekend, Blues Barbershop will be sponsoring their first-annual car show. It kicks off Saturday, the 19th (weather is set to be 72 and sunshiny perfect), and you ought to make your way there. The car show will benefit the ALS Crowd, a project created by Holladay residents, Seth and Amy Christensen, that helps connect ALS patients with the best docs and latest research. Details can be found below on this weekend's fun. Rev up the fam and make your way to the fun.

Blues Barbershop 1st Annual Car Show | Saturday, Sept. 19th, 12:00pm to 6:00pm | Holladay City Hall

Wanna know more about this 'hood? Check out homes, locals, and businesses on our Holladay neighborhood page.

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