Beehive Bicycles

1/31/2013 | Amy Tibbals
Corigan Kushma

Beehive Bicycles is an incredible little bicycle shop in the 15th & 15th neighborhood. We took a field trip in the spirit of checking things out, and it left little enthusiasts founded this spot.

 Greg [owner] and Rob [Greg's right hand everything] chatted us up about all things bike and Salt Lake City. Originally from Corpus Christi, TX, Greg came to SLC in '99, and -- like so many others we've won over -- hasn't looked back since. A stay-at-home dad for years, he was gnawing on a meatball sub at Caputos on 15th when he noted the empty space next door. "That would be a great spot for a bike shop," he thought.  And so it is. He's done well with the space; there's boldly-colored, impressive bike imagery [by Greg, himself], a cappuccino machine, and a plethora of bikes and brands to peruse. You'll likely be there for a bit. Greg and co. support the lifestyle that cycling advocates and bikes in all their forms, from Fat Bikes [perfect for snow] to cargo bikes [a.k.a. Big Dummies for your shopping trips] to everything that falls between. They do custom bikes, too. And, now you can participate in lessons to help you master your ride. Check the site below for details.

A sincere and local 'thanks' to the boys at Beehive Bicycles for contributing to a cleaner, greener SLC. We can pedal with that.

Beehive Bicycles | 1510 S 1500 E | 801.839.5233



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