Beckett & Robb

12/9/2011 | Amy Tibbals
Marcus MacDonald

Meet Beckett and Robb; clothing connoisseurs committed to dressing Salt Lake's men...impeccably. Taken from the duo's website, "We love suits. We love everything about them. Designing them. Making them. Wearing them. We love all the little details. The cuff. The lining. The lapel. The fit. And we especially love watching our clients experience the satisfaction of putting on a custom suit for the first time."

The happy ending is yet to be had; I've been measured, but because the suits are hand made, never following a pattern, the finished product will take a minute. I'm happy to wait...I'll keep you posted on the results. In the meantime, read about the lucid passion these guys have for making men's suits. Their design ideals are inspiring:  "Superb design. Consummate workmanship. There is a fine art to what appears to be so beautifully simple. It requires the rare ability to balance line and proportion, to compose a subtle curve, to refine and perfect each detail. The Beckett & Robb collection transcends the fashion of the moment, bridging past and future to create a sense of timeless style and luxury. Classic and contemporary silhouettes, cut and sewn from scratch to the clients' measurement, are styled and refined to create a garment that is perfectly suited for what is current - today. Beckett & Robb employs dedicated master tailors who maintain a tradition of fine craftsmanship, using old-world skills elsewhere forgotten, to produce custom clothing with modern styling. We first choose the finest materials, proceed with skilled workmanship and complete each piece with meticulous detailing. Never using a pre-existing pattern, each garment is cut & sewn by hand, according to the more than thirty measurements we take, and the style and fit preferences of the client, resulting in a truly custom suit, shirt, or overcoat. The tailored waist, a hand-stitched, softly-rolled lapel, matching patterns across pockets, and seams all create a sense of stylish confidence that's timeless, perfectly appropriate for a modern world."

Looking forward to the final fitting.

Beckett & Robb |  150 S. Main Street  |  801.413.2970


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