Ballet + Beer | Drinkin' + Dancin'

3/31/2015 |


At cityhomeCOLLECTIVE, we enjoy the finer things just as much as we enjoy kicking back with a few brews. What better way to enjoy some choice choreography than with a few cold ones in hand? So it goes without saying that we are COLLECTIVELY stoked for Ballet West's Beer & Ballet at the Capitol Theatre. The evening promises to be chockablock full of elegance, pas de deux, and suds from Epic Brewing [think: Spiral Jetty IPA, Intermountain Wheat, and Pfeifferhorn Lager]. Add to that a sensational appetizers menu [that includes Chicken 'n' Waffles 'n' Beer, and Dirty Shrimp in Butter Beer sauce], a sneak peek of a Ballet West performance, and some good old-fashioned hobnobbing, and you've got yourself a smashing night out in SLC. We threw a few questions about the event at BW's Press Director, Joshua Jones, and you can color us intrigued. Details/links at bottom. Get a ticket and come grab a cold one at the barre.


Where did the idea for Beer + Ballet come from? We just really needed another reason to have a drink! …And watching ballet after a couple of beers always elevates the experience. Truthfully, we had young patrons requesting an event that was more their style. Something really casual, easy, and fun. No black ties, no hoity talk, no monocles allowed. Of course, everyone is invited but we’ve found phenomenal success by inviting people to come in casual clothes and serving delicious appetizers, mingling with really fun dancers and, of course, swilling a few beers in the process.

What can those attending expect, aside from a touch of Epic and some beautiful twirling onstage? Ballet lovers are smart and beautiful, who doesn’t want to be among that crowd? But, we’re also excited that this will be many people’s first opportunity to experience the new building. They’ll see how our beautiful, modern $31 million Ballet Centre marries brilliantly with the 100 year-old Capitol Theatre. We’ve also recently unveiled an over 40 foot tall mosaic made of gold-leaf and pearlescent tiles. The piece titled “Capriccio” was funded by the County at a cost of more than $120,000, it’s absolutely gorgeous. More than that, I think patrons will enjoy our selection of delicious appetizers from LeCroissant and how Chef Kelly Lake has paired them with the EPIC beer selection!

Any plans for Pinot + Plies? Or Alize + Arabesques? Just checking. Actually yes: we had Costume and Cocktails last year and have talked about Ballet and Bourbon in the fall. Don’t underestimate our power to sneak alcohol into our events!

Tell us more about the "sneak preview" portion of the evening: Almost Tango is gorgeous and  internationally recognized and resident choreographer, Nicolo Fonte has created a piece for the ages: an exploration of Tango. It is soulful, powerful, sensual, and beautiful. I promise you that you’ll leave moved by this piece. This seductive dance explores the physicality of tango and the development of this dance in South America, and features ten men and four women; the men outnumber the women, as they did in the Argentinian tango halls in the early 20th Century. The piece has been praised around the world and received numerous awards, “Almost Tango is so rich in movement and images, with so many dimensions to fill your senses that it never leaves you dull.” Said Azlan Ezzadin of Critical Dance.

Beer + Ballet | Thursday, April 9th, 7:00pm to 10:00pm, Capitol Theatre | Tickets & info here




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