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3/26/2014 | Amy Tibbals
Kirsten Hepburn

Kevin and Carol Root made their way to the city of salt [by way of Seattle and San Francisco] due to some scrumptious work opportunities. In the past, their homes had a tendency to lean toward traditional, craftsman-inspired smaller spaces. But after settling into a stunner here in on Michigan Ave. [in SLC’s 9th & 9th neighborhood], and finding that they couldn’t quite stretch their existing furniture to fill the home, they decided to fill in the blanks with a much more modern aesthetic. [Enter me, stage left]

I was asked to help the Roots create a harmonic alliance between their existing craftsman furniture and what was to be their new, modern direction. Being a designer means being a creator, a therapist, a mentor, and a mediator [to name a few]. Carol and Kevin, admittedly, didn’t know “modern” as well as they knew the others, so this allowed me to be a teacher during the process, as well [one of my all-time favorite parts]. For a touch of inspiration, we used Kevin and Carol’s mutual love for the old country [here referring to Italia]. They travel there whenever they can, and in doing so, have brought back a grip of Italian artwork. Our equation now: traditional craftsman meets modern + Italian art. Got all that? Add to all that the fact that Kevin is an audiophile. That is to say, it was crucial for him that we incorporate his high-end speakers, stereo equipment, stereo rack, and a “sweet spot” [a seat aligned just-so with the speakers for the optimal listening experience] into our design. This is the kind of challenge that I crave. It's also the perfect example that, in 99% of cases, a person’s home is never as straightforward as style or function. It’s personal touches that make it yours. [Fast forward to delicious conclusion]

Warm, rustic woods are manifested in a wall installation, barn doors, and custom bedroom furniture commissioned by local craftsman, Irving Olague. A spa-like main bath houses stunning stone from Tally at European Marble and Granite. An original painting commissioned from local artist, Ashley Hind, graces the interior, along with metallic wallpaper, an industrial crank, and an Eames lounge for optimum “sweet spot” sweetness. All credit where credit is due: this stunner was pulled together with the help of the DFS Construction. A capital collab, indeed.

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