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8/27/2015 | Amy Tibbals
Kerri Fukui


As proud residents of the city of Salt, we see it as highly worthwhile to take the time wherever possible and venture into our varied COLLECTIVE 'hoods.  Especially if that means said venturing results in decompression time and a little mind/body pick-me-up. To that end, we recently marched a few blocks to the east for a private class at Avenues Yoga. Our chakras were all a-tingle with the opportunity to get more acquainted with the fabulous space, as well as the folks bending and breathing within its walls.

Once a grocery store turned baking company, this historical building now houses one of the most tranquil yoga experiences in the city (and some gorge hardwood floors, to boot). "Charming" and "enchanting" come to mind, but the positive vibes are the absolute most here, from studio to instructors (ahem…the incomparable Chanda) to every last stretch and "om". The space is minimal--as it should be for clearing minds and reaching nirvana. We breathed loudly and swooned quietly over the rich, brick walls, floor-to-ceilings windows, and vaulted ceilings that make the space feel more open than even the best lotus pose. Classes here start at 6:00am five days a week, so those looking to start the day with a peaceful mind are in luck. But being the suckers that we are for moody lighting and all, we highly recommend the Candlelight Flow class, which is offered four evenings a week. For those uninterested in turning their bodies into a pretzel, no sweat (literally): maybe a hosted event in this fantastic space is more your style. Either way, give these goodly folks a ring and breathe easy.

Avenues Yoga | 68 K Street | 801.872.9642

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