Art Met Fashion | It Was Intense

10/30/2015 |

In a hurricane of flower petals, high-gloss acrylic paints, rope, and latex, Art Meets Fashion's 2015 showcase has come to a dizzying, fabulous close. As we mentioned a few weeks back, the fantastic organization, who’s mission it is to “support the artistic community throughout the year with lecture series, documentary and photojournalism projects, on-going creative business support, and culturally engaging events,” held their annual event last weekend--enticingly-themed Anamorphic, and the outcome was as lavishly lurid.

Truth is, there's a lot of artistic, amazing, wonderful, weird shit going on in this town, and AMF was a proud testament to the fact. COLLECTIVELY, we had a favorite part of the evening, for sure: it was (obviously) the Vivisection show…the work of our very own tall, tattooed, talented Mark Seely. (Color us a gang of proud mamas and papas.) For those that don't recall, Mark was the recipient of the Emerging Artist award, but we had to wait a few months for his solo show. His painted/torched/sliced/secured nine-foot works hung perfectly from the rafters of a massive room, each its own opus, and it looked fucking fantastic, if we can speak frankly. Have a look for yourself in the photos below, wherein you can get a taste of the evening as a whole. Bondage, wax, makeup, flowers, booze, bodies, and art…everything needed for a well-rounded Friday evening, we'd say. Miss out? We trust this is a good enough tease for next year...

art-meets-fashion-2015-21 art-meets-fashion-2015-group4 art-meets-fashion-2015-5 art-meets-fashion-2015-3 art-meets-fashion-2015-4 art-meets-fashion-2015-22 art-meets-fashion-2015-1 art-meets-fashion-2015-group1 art-meets-fashion-2015-17 art-meets-fashion-2015-group3 art-meets-fashion-2015-20 art-meets-fashion-2015-group2 art-meets-fashion-2015-16 art-meets-fashion-2015-11 art-meets-fashion-2015-group5 art-meets-fashion-2015-6


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