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10/19/2015 |

Though we're always game for a horn-toot for Art Meets Fashion--a group who's mission it is to “support the artistic community throughout the year with lecture series, documentary and photojournalism projects, on-going creative business support, and culturally engaging events”--we feel especially apt to ballyhoo their praises for the upcoming Anamorphic. Why so partial to this particular event? Well, our very own COLLECTIVE clergyman Mr. Mark Seely is set to be the premiere featured artist of AMF's fall showcase, and we're prouder than camera-clad parents on prom night over here. 'Few months back, he won the 2015 AMF Emerging Artist Grant, and was the first recipient of the Artist Entrepreneurial Mentorship (homeboy is busting down all kinds of barriers). Mark will premiere his exhibition "Vivisection" at the event--an exploration of the human state as seen in a series of large-scale, metal, collage pieces--so we're pleased as can be to finally bear witness to the fruits of his be-blowtorched labors (intrigued by the photo below? You should be). Anamorphic will be a "unique evening exploring the concepts of the current state of humanity in relationship to each other and their current environment of technology and disconnection," and all proceeds will benefit the new Art Meets Fashion Foundation (a group that's "committed to creating a sustainable artistic industry locally and documenting stories from across the globe from other organizations that are impacting their community through art and fashion").

Attendees of this artistically-inclined affair can expect to see avant-garde fashion installations by the SLCC Fashion Institute and Lunatic Fringe, as well as a fabulous floral installation by Shelly Huynh, a visual installation by Phillip Istomin of MANICPROJECT, interactive image mapping by David Giardinelli, sound installation by Kenny Amacher, live painting by Veronica Lynn Harper, performance art by the always entertaining Bad Kids Collective, and many talented others. Food and drink? Psh. Red Rock Brewery and Ogden's Own Distillery gotchu covered. Better still? To encourage the attendance of fellow members of the artistic community, AMF are offering all those in the professional creative industry a discounted rate on admission (but really, we say it's a steal at twice the price). It's a shindig you assuredly won't want to miss. Let's gather 'round and raise a glass to those saintly citizens that keep the SLC art scene alive 'n' thrivin'.

Purchase tickets here

AMF Presents Anamorphic | Friday, October 23rd, 7:30pm - 12:00am | The Fallout, 623 S 600 W



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