Art Adoption | Spring, 2015

5/5/2015 |

We've rallied behind this cause a good handful of times by now, but it looks to be something we'll cheer for infinitely: Art Adoption is--in our COLLECTIVE minds--nothing short of magical. An inspired event hosted by an inspiring fellow. Josh Scheuerman will be ponying up (by which we mean facilitating/organizing/hosting) for the Spring 2015 Art Adoption, wherein 27 local artists will post up the fruits of their labor, and we goodly citizens will get a chance to put it in our pockets and take it home. For those who haven't been following for long (tsk, tsk), we'll give you the gist: Art Adoption gives local artists the opportunity to find homes for previously-unsold pieces. Those of us with the sense to attend get to see said art and purchase it, and ALL the money goes directly to the artists, thereby enabling them to continue creating.

Art Adoption also fosters a pop-up spot for donations (of the closet and canned variety) to the Homeless Youth Resource Center and Buy Local First Utah. Plus, this spring's adoption entails an new partnership that's bound to inspire. Josh will be bringing in the works of 10 rad teenagers with some mad artistic skills. It's a collaborative effort with a local, specialized program for adolescents with autism that works with the kids on life skills that can translate to more independence and success in adult life. Says one of the program coordinators, " This is something great for ANY teenager to do. The autonomy and self worth that has developed (and will continue to) in this process of art exploration has been really cool to watch. From the exposure and practice with a wide variety of mediums and technique, to production in their favored medium (be it photography, paint, 3-D sculpture, etc.), to editing the body of work they've created…we all know how personal and exposing art can be. They're showing/developing skills and interests we had no idea they possessed." A few photos of the young-uns below (namely Carson, Nick, Charlie, Gavynn, and Savannah) will give you an idea of the work they put into each of their pieces, but you'll have to show up in person to see the final works. Complete list of artists is on the flyer below includes some of our absolute favorites; come raise a glass and lighten your wallet in the name of supporting local art. Huzzah!

2015 Spring Art Adoption | Saturday, May 16th, 7:00pm to 11:00pm | Local First Utah, 865 S 200 W

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