Art Access | 300 Plates Fundraiser

4/20/2016 |

One of our favorite things about this city is its accessibility. On any given day of the week, there are about a thousand options for those looking to 'get out'. Galas, fundraisers, restaurant openings, celebratory soirees, and outdoor events of all kinds are literally happening all the damn time, and getting there is usually a breeze (walk/pedal if you're close, Uber/Lyft if you're drinking, or use UTA for all its worth…the possibilities are many). When you combine all that convenience with the magic of art, you can count on us for a COLLECTIVE presence. And if it also happens to be a fundraiser meant to make the arts more accessible to everyone, regardless of age, skill level, or background…well, we'll shout about it all day long. Such is the magic of the 300 Plates event.

300 Plates starts with Art Access, "a community-focused organization that strives to demonstrate that the arts are a universal vehicle for drawing out our similarities, celebrating our differences, and ultimately connecting us to each other." Art Access provides artistic and cultural opportunities to those who may not have otherwise had them, and they operate under the notion that art provides the perfect platform for education…that through artistic endeavors, people can tell their individual stories and learn from one another. Myriad programs enable a wide array of people to get involved in whatever way suits them best--community outreach, exhibitions, workshops, and mentoring are available for everyone, from children to adults--both with and without disabilities--as well as the elderly, the homeless, veterans, at-risk youth, etc. Says their website, "By engaging the community in educational and artful experiences through our galleries and programming, Art Access continues to play a significant role in helping to eliminate social barriers and create an inclusive world for everyone through art."

This year's 300 Plates event will mark the 14th annual fundraiser and exhibition for Art Access. In short, it began as a result of an inspiring trip to Thailand, after which board members decided to have an event wherein multiple artists created works that were sold using progressive pricing. As with any wildly successful fundraiser, it became an annual event, and this year's promises to be chock-full of artistic style, good food, and sensational locals. Nearly 160 artists will create individual works on 11" x 10" plexiglass or tempered panel plates, ultimately representing a vast scope of styles, from photography to landscapes and everything in between. Attendees can purchase pieces, which will start at $85 and increase sequentially in $1 increments (with a few set aside for silent auctioning). The final, fantastic event will be held officially on May 19th, but we suggest you register now, and do your part to preserve the efforts of Art Access.

300 Plates Fundraiser & Exhibition | Thursday, May 19th, 6:00pm to 9:00pm | Art Access Gallery, 230 S 500 W, #125



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