Alpha Dominche | Steampunk 4.0

4/18/2013 | Amy Tibbals
Corigan Kushma

Khristian Bombeck and the crew at Alpha Dominche have started what some might call a revolution...for single cup coffee brewing. Alpha Dominche means ‘first of its kind’, which is a precise gauge of what's going on here…something new and deliciously different. As a coffee roaster and shop owner, Khristian was inspired to find a way to brew better coffee, faster. There's been loads of tinkering and plenty of prototypes along the way, but he's touched down on magic. It's called the STEAMPUNK 4.0, and it's the first-ever automated, temperature controlled, full-immersion brewer. What does that mean? We don’t know. But it sounds like the future.

What we do know is that this sexy beast can brew four cups of coffee simultaneously, each with different flavor profiles ranging from French-press to pour-over. For you, this translates to the highest-quality, custom brew of coffee or tea in a mere fraction of the time it might normally take. Hollar. Even cooler? The STEAMPUNK is being locally manufactured right here in the Granary District of Salt Lake City [custom wooden handles on all machines are made by their next-door neighbor and COLLECTIVE favorite Chad Parkinson]. Khristian decided that Salt Lake was a prime choice for Alpha Dominche headquarters, which pleases us to no end. It's no surprise, either; our city's got some choice manufacturing capabilities, and, as Khristian noted, everyone doing a craft here does it well. From beer to cheese to fine, futuristic machinery, SLC is producing some quality product.

The AD team is working hard to ship machines as fast as they can make ‘em. The very first STEAMPUNK installation was with our friends down at Nobrow, so make a point to stop in, have a tasty cup, and join the revolution.

ALPHADOMINCHE.COM | 801-212-9789




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