You Ain't Fresh | The Stockist

11/1/2013 |
Amy Tibbals

When you set your mind to starting a new business, there must be a few things at play: a touch of crazy, a shitload of savvy, and the willingness to compromise, to name a few. Helen and Ian, owners of what's-soon-to-be-known-formerly-as-FRESH, are packing all the necessary heat.

What started as a skate-wear boutique has transformed into something a bit broader and a shred more 'street'. And, as is required with any successful venture, Helen and Ian are rolling with the inevitable punches that come with growth. Last October, the shop got a well-curated overhaul in the form of some layout changes, a new back room, and a slew of raw wood-and-metal displays, made primarily at the hands of Helen's hubby, Mouse [all inquiries to the wifey, please]. Coincidentally, these changes were happening at roughly the same time that Ian [a COLLECTIVE client and all-around ace fella] was musing over a potential name change for the shop.

Full disclosure, neither bro nor sis was super gung-ho on the original moniker from the jump. But they had a shop concept all prepped and named and sitting in the chamber, so the two moved forward and opened FRESH in '09. Since then, they've been movin' on up, Jefferson-style...and growth is growth, so during the renovations, Ian made the switch pitch. New name: The Stockist. Bang-on. But there were things to mull over; changing a brand is no wee deed. Helen was a bit unsure, but when a visitor to the shop made casual reference to the myriad of 'fresh' options in our city [markets and markets and cafes and such], she went all in. The Stockist, it is.

The biggest change aside from the handle is what they're doing to be The Stockist. They're stocking shit, son. All told, they're adding about 12 new brands to the shop this fall season. Add to that the 40+ that they already had on the 'shelves', and we'd say they're doing a fine job living up to the new name [which, for the time being, will be The Stockist by Fresh to avoid confusion]. According to Ian, they're working with more established brands these days that offer top-shelf stuffs only. We're talking yummy goods... brands like Super, Herschel, Pendleton, Red Wings, Gentle Fawn, and THVM Denim folded neatly and calling you on.

I'm perfectly willing to make a stop at the shop on any given day of the week, but Helen and Ian want to be sure that the home-bound, tech-savvy, and out-of-town have access to err-thing, as well. To that end, they've implemented a website overhaul that includes a web store for the non-seasonal and premium lines in the shop. They expect it to be live sometime in mid-November, and until then, you can check the Facebook below for a peek at new inventory. Go peruse. While you're at it, you can marvel at the wonder of the 9th & 9th business boom; between The Stockist, Zuriick, Pago, and Coffee Garden, it's quickly becoming our favorite spot. *For those of you that need an excuse to shop, let it be Small Business Saturday, the worthy alternative to Black Friday that happens on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Buy local.

The Stockist by Fresh | 870 E 900 S | 801.532.3458



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