AIGA | Keep It 100

5/29/2014 |
Jess Downer & Renata Stone, Big Bear Photo Co.

Last week’s AIGA 100 Show was a night of social splendor and savvy design -- and it was simply sublime. Artists and advocates alike assembled at the UMFA for the American Institute of Graphic Designs ballin-est event -- the 100 Show. We gave you a peek at what was coming, kids...fingers crossed you had the good sense to get tickets and attend. Orders of the evening included lots of mixing, mingling, and the poppin’ of poses in SLC Photo Collective’s makeshift photo booth [and with an open bar, you know they snapped some ace shots].

Reps from some of SLC’s most noteworthy companies and organizations presented a few clever locals with the delectable Copper Ingot award. Included amongst the night’s winners: our pals at Super Top Secret and Hint Creative -- but you can peep all the victors right here. It's an impressive list of some wildly talented locals. The kind that makes us stand a touch taller, hands on hips, and beam with pride [even though we didn't do a lick of the hard work].

Full-scale praise pitched to our pal, Ashley Kittrell, and the rest of the AIGA crew for throwing together a stunner of an evening, and to the UMFA for playing hosts with the mosts and lending their stellar space to the cause. That’s a wrap, folks. We’ll see you next year for the next hunnit. 'Til then, peep the photos below and start your planning for the 2015 show.

AIGA-1-3273015290-O AIGA-21-3273034471-O AIGA-3-3273015986-O AIGA-7-3273019496-O AIGA-5-3273015893-O AIGA-10-3273025998-O AIGA-14-3273028809-O aiga-11-3273190459-O AIGA-26-3273038812-O AIGA-16-3273032737-O AIGA-27-3273041605-O AIGA-29-3273043215-O AIGA-31-3273045040-O AIGA-32-3273048598-O AIGA-37-3273050756-O AIGA-38-3273053732-O aiga-41-3273188992-O AIGA-42-3273057114-O AIGA-49-3273060274-O AIGA-54-3273065626-O aiga-59-3273188317-O AIGA-62-3273071814-O AIGA-67-3273073989-O AIGA-69-3273075824-O AIGA-73-3273079379-O AIGA-75-3273082002-O AIGA-78-3273087050-O AIGA-83-3273092014-O AIGA-88-3273097772-O AIGA-92-3273100837-O AIGA-93-3273103486-O AIGA-95-3273105030-O AIGA-98-3273106511-O


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