AIGA 100 Show 2015 | Judgin'

4/24/2015 |


Daunt•ing: / adj./ Four design experts, tasked with sifting through hundreds of pieces of art--in all sizes, shapes, and mediums--and deciding which 100 make the cut for AIGA's 2015 100 Show. Sure, being the gatekeeper for good design is exactly as glamorous as it sounds, but no one ever said it was easy, and, with this year boasting more submissions than ever, we're not talking "small feat" here. As always, we'd like to COLLECTIVELY introduce to you the fearless four that not only accepted the challenge, but conquered it with a sublime dexterity. Weeding through the fruits of so many labors takes serious know-how, but the four judges are true justices of the piece(s). Included in the artistic company is Scott Hill, Travis Ladue, Star St. Germain, and Hilary Wolfe (see bios for all four below). After touching down in SLC, the judges were led to Super Top Secret's HQ (generously donated to the cause) and wasted little time hunkering down and picking through each submission. After several rounds of voting, and several more deliberations/coffee breaks, the distinguished tetrad picked the 100 most phenomenal pieces of art in the Intermountain West. More deliberations (and more coffee) enabled the judges to pare the 100 down to a top 10 [distinguished] Copper Ingot Award-winning pieces. Curious to see what they've come up with? Rightfully so. Come catch a glimpse of the goods at the 2015 AIGA 100 Show Gala & Benefit on May 16th, and see some of the top-notch talent we've got in this town. Food, drinks, music, mingling, and some damn fine design work by our city's own. In their own words, "We'll do this party up right." Amen to that.

AIGA 100 Show Gala | Saturday, May 16th, The Gateway Mall (old Anthropologie space) | Purchase tickets here


Scott Hill – Principal/Art Director, Mast
"Scott hails from Oklahoma where they say things like 'Y’all', 'Lord willin’ and the creek don’t rise', and 'Fits like socks on a rooster'. After six years of leading other design firms, he chose to relocate to Denver with his wife Ashlee and two dogs to be closer to the mountains and start Mast. Boomer Sooner."

Travis Ladue – Art Director, Mast
"Travis was born and raised in sun soaked Phoenix, Arizona. There he developed an affinity for carne asada burritos and the movie Tombstone. After bouncing around the country, Travis, his wife Alex, and their Basset Hound relocated to Denver to start Mast with Scott and be closer to family."

Star St. Germain – Designer/Developer/Illustrator/Instigator
"Star St. Germain is a tornado disguised as a girl. She's worked for clients such as Marvel Comics, BBC News, Reddit, Laurie Penny, Molly Crabapple, and Spin. She's competed in the National Poetry Slam, modeled for David LaChapelle, and plays the electric cello. She likes you a lot."

Hilary Wolfe – Creative Director/Founder, RO3
"Hilary has been working as an art director, designer, and creative director in the Bay Area for more than 20 years. Her first break came at Hal Riney & Partners, where she helped launch the Saturn car brand and Treasure Island casino resort. Later she worked at Goodby, Silverstein & Partners (Nike, HP and Starbucks), Butler, Shine & Stern (Borders Books, Jamba Juice) and Y&R (Dr Pepper, 7UP and NCAA), among others. Hilary is recognized as both an outstanding creative thinker and world-class designer—able to concept award-winning film and digital or to pick up her stylus to invent stunning logos, homepages and brand identity systems. Her uncanny versatility results in heightened integration across mediums and welcome economies for the clients of Rule of Three. Some of the clients include Boudin SF, LiveHive, Lending Club, McAfee and SilverSpring Networks. Hilary lives in Piedmont with her husband and two children."

 Information courtesy of: Ashley Kittrell

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