AIGA 100 Show | Sense-Ational

5/12/2015 |

As far as nights on the town go, it's hard to beat the annual AIGA 100 Show Gala. The yearly event, stylishly hosted by the Salt Lake Chapter of the Professional Association for Design, is an evening of awards, food, drinks, music, and mingling. The show is one of SLC's most distinguished juried competitions, and it showcases, honors, and just plain ol' celebrates the best of the best of local design. Each year, the noteworthy works on display are chosen by a few hand-picked expert judges (you can get the skinny on those fine folks here), and of the 100 selected pieces, only 10 are awarded the Copper Ingot. Additionally, three Student Copper Ingots will be given for "exemplary work in the student category", so you can rest easy knowing every beautifully-designed base is covered.

The 100 Gala is our chance to humbly view the fabulous winning entries that made the cut this year (not to mention rub elbows with fellow design aficionados, eat, drink, and otherwise be merry.) Last year, a delightful and artfully-enlightening time was had by all, and quite honestly, we can't wait to get all up in there again. Fine design is the name of the game around these parts, and we'll jump at the chance to support local artists whenever it comes up. The theme of this year's show is "The Five Senses", so those 100 works should be tasty, to say the least. Get your tickets to the bash now, and mark up those calendars for May 16th--this is one reveal you don't want to miss. Says Board Development Director (and close COLLECTIVE pal) Ashley Kittrell, "We'll do this party up right and honor the amazing (and growing) talent of designers we have in the community." Hell. Yes.

 AIGA 100 Show Gala | Saturday, May 16th | The Gateway Mall at the former Anthropologie

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