AIGA 100 | Getting Graphic

4/24/2014 | Amy Tibbals

At cityhomeCOLLECTIVE, we stand steadfast as faithful fans of fine design. We’re suckers for beauty in any fashion, and sweethearts to those that so selflessly supply it. For this reason, we are wholeheartedly amped for the 2014 AIGA 100 Show--a gala that showcases some of the crystal coolest designs in the state. Founded in 1914, AIGA [alternatively: American Institute of Graphic Design] is both the oldest and largest professional membership organization for design [dang]. The Institute--which has 67 chapters throughout the U.S. and more than 25 thousand members--aims to keep the design community stitched together while bringing their wares worldwide. The organization’s Salt Lake chapter is tickled pink [an aesthetically-pleasing shade, to be sure] to announce the 100 Show Gala & Benefit--the most “prestigious juried event” in our region--on May 17th at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts.

We hosted a swanky little Meet the Judges gathering [AIGA members only] in our COLLECTIVE lounge where the guest judges mixed n’ mingled with AIGA members after a long day of meticulous inspection. You'll find each handsome mug below, grinning in the very order you'll read about them now. Blake Allen is straight outta Nashville and Creative Director at Paramore Digital. Besides boasting a scrummy salt n’ pepper beard, Blake’s got a portfolio that’s bursting with work for big leaguers all across the US of A. Although his experience is primarily based in the interactive realm, Blake had noteworthy feedback for all the show’s entries--from illustration to lettering--reminding us all that smart design principles are universal. Jay Fletcher hails from the southern comfort of Charleston, SC, and claims clients from “Nickelodeon to his niece”. We also have it on good authority that his good-natured humor defused some of the heaviness of the judging process. A self-made man, Jay expressed interest in how the Salty City is managing its own brand. He mentioned the design community being “on the cusp of greater renown, if the focus on local improvement could be realized.” Hear, hear.

Michigan kid Sean Farrell--a man that cuts to the chase and distills communication to simple iconography in his own logo designs. Sound like a complicated guy? His appetite for donuts will erase any feelings of pompousness. Simply put, Sean easily picks the golden ticket when it comes to a grand design with clear communication. Last [and anything but least] Rogie King, another beardy brother of the AIGA, is a legit Montana man [Helena, to put a finer point on it]. Rogie specializes in web design and illustration, and the good sir commanded the technical end of judging with his just and steady hand. Mr. King delved into code to ensure that the work submitted was up to snuff--not just from a visual perspective, but from a technical one as well, and ain’t nothin’ get past Rogie.

Many thanks are in order to these stately gents for doing the dirty work for us and, essentially, spotting the best of the best of the best. With the judging [and the after party] all wrapped up, there’s not much left to do but sit back and watch some worthy winners claim their prize at the AIGA 100 Show Benefit & Gala. Stick around for the official invite coming next week.

AIGA 100 Show | May 17th, 2014 | Utah Museum of Fine Arts

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