AIGA 100 Show Gala

5/29/2013 | Amy Tibbals
Phillip K Erickson


We were in COLLECTIVE attendance at the AIGA 100 Show Gala, which was obviously an ace way to spend our evening. Design aside, the gathering included a mash-up of creative and friendly folks shaking hands and drinking merrily atop the Leonardo building. Nice to have a view while you do all that. But back to the design...holy shit.

Among those walking away with Copper Ingot awards were three students, all of whom were from BYU, and each of whom had submitted some stellar work that was well worth the praise. AIGA also awarded seven Copper Ingots to professionals, and those babies weren't disappointing either; submissions by Struck, Red Butte Press, Hint Creative [x2], and the firm of Scott Sorensen were among those we found particularly talent-laden. All told, judges Jenny Lam, Robynne Raye, and Michael Carabetta sorted out the best, enabling the competition to display the fact that our state is filthy with creative chops. We're not hurting for the kind of designers sought out the world over, and there's likely more to come. Visit the AIGA site below to see the collected winning works and see for yourself what we're talking about. Heaps of 'thanks' and COLLECTIVE bows to the Salt Lake City chapter of AIGA for their work in procuring talented judges for the event, and seeing that our state recognize and encourage the design progress of its artistically-genius individuals.

AIGA 100 Show | Salt Lake City chapter of AIGA



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