AIGA 100 Show | Design Sense(s)

6/3/2015 |
Matt Coles

Damn. Sometimes there's so much mind-blowing talent in this town it's hard to keep track of. And sometimes, it's conveniently all in one place. The annual AIGA 100 Show Gala is one such occasion, and 2015's was a dizzying display of design the likes of which we never get sick of. The walls of the venue were decked with some of the most stunning examples of local design work we've seen in a good minute. Posters, packaging, websites, and whiskey bottles--the mediums of work spanned a wide range, but were all impeccably selected and artfully executed. A few goodly reps from some of SLC's winning-est operations were present and accounted for to present Copper Ingots to a few "best of the best" types (including our pals at Super Top Secret, Struck, and Skullcandy--but you can view the full list of winners here). To see the artists receive their comeuppance was a treat, and we were honored to have one of our own (wooo! Lauren!) present an award to a very deserving winner. Many curtsies and claps to the rad folks in the local chapter for putting together an amazing event, and for welcoming our COLLECTIVE crew into their stellar, art-lovin' arms. There's a swarm of talent in this be-salted city, folks. You'd best get 'ppreciatin'.

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