We keep tellin' you guys: the talent in this town in staggering, and it's a beautiful, beautiful struggle to try and stay on top of all of it. Luckily for SLC, AIGA Salt Lake annually puts much of that talent in a convenient, one-stop location, for your perusing pleasure. The AIGA 100 Show aims to seek out and commend “the best design in Utah regardless of the form it takes.” The mediums span a wide range--from websites and branding reboots to posters and stickers--but the talent is apparent in spades. This year's AIGA 100 Show (the 27th!) has officially wrapped, and the Kings and Queens of sublime design have been crowned. The works were perused by the three expert judges, and honors were given to a few of Salt Lake's best and brightest. Student Winners include Peter Mijic, Trent Miller, and Sydney Bishop, and the coveted Copper Ingots were dolled out to a few of our finest local design minds: our pals at Super Top Secret, James Kenison, and Kevin Cantrell Studio among them. We always leap at the chance to applaud local art and fine design (in all her forms), and our own Cody Derrick was even selected to hand off a Copper Ingot to one deserving artist. AIGA, we salute you for continuing to cause a ruckus about the importance of good design year after year. SLC has got some serious talent, people. We can't wait to see more it (and hopefully you) at the next 100 Show.

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