Should be no secret to any who love this site: we're big, big fans of several of our city's neighborhoods. Be they tree-lined, walkable as hell, fancy-schmancy, or filthy rich with history and good vibes, we've got a good number of great areas, and every last one of them warrants the occasional shout out. This neighborhood, in particular, is hella easy to fall in love with: 9th & 9th is home to some of our favorite local businesses, people, and homes…and they're having a bit of a party. Now, there are countless reasons to go out on any given Friday night in this fantastic city of ours, but we see this as a particularly great reason.

The 9th & 9th Art Walk is--quite simply--good times with good folks. And art. So, the best of times, really. We can attest to the magic of last year's stroll, but there's no sense in dwelling on the [fabulous] past when the future's holding such good shit. This Friday (the 8th), make your way to our fave coordinates, and see for yourself: in no less than six (6!) local establishments within a single block's distance, the works of some of our city's most fantastic artists and photographers will be on display. Deets can be found on the poster below, but the fact is, you'll have to be there if you're actually looking to enjoy it. Think: Steven Stone photography, Travis Bone poster prints, and the art of Benjamin Wiemeyer and Gailon Justus--and that's not everyone. Besides, you'll be looking squarely at a block of our city that'll be lively with music, food, drinks, and fellow connoisseurs of life. This is a fine Friday night by any definition. See you there.

9th & 9th Art Walk | Friday, May 8th, 6:00pm to 9:00pm | 900 S between 854 E and 989 E

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