List Price: Sold

Neighborhood: Central City

Property Profile: 1,056 sq. ft. | 1 bed, 1 bath

Our Opinion: Oh, you just happen to be in the market for a modern, clean, downtown condo with plenty of windows, lots of natural light and a large entertaining space? Well, this seems serendipitous…we've got one right here. The current owner of this place decided he needed a larger living/dining area, so he smartly converted the spare bedroom into more of the good stuff. How "smartly," you say? Well, in the effort to maintain his ability to host overnight guest or two, he built and installed a murphy bed in the main space, so your cousin from Calabasas will be comfortable. The bathroom and kitchen have each undergone a complete overhaul, as well, and the latter is complete with fresh, white, modern cabinetry and an open eating area/bar. New floors, new paint, and a designated parking spot underground? All yours. Centrally-located for downtown and university access, TRAX adjacent, and brimming with updates throughout the entire building? You got it. How about a covered patio and a pool on the property? My god, you've found your piece of paradise.

Contact Monica Dennis at cityhomeCOLLECTIVE for additional details or to schedule a private showing | 801.623.9422

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