Each and every year, we start to get COLLECTIVELY amped for this event somewhere around the start of March. And this isn't empty excitement we're talking about, either. We have myriad reasons to express anticipatory enthusiasm: sunny weather (fingers crossed), a fantastic outdoor patio, beer, booze, sensational people, a host of talented DJs, corn hole, mac 'n' cheese tots, a dance floor, prizes, and the Easter Bunny herself all rank high on our list of "Easter Sunday Musts." We have reasons.

The 6th Annual Bunny Hop will be all of the aforementioned and a basket of chocolate. Hosted by the ever-benevolent, beat-making Mr. Jesse Walker and held at everyone's favorite springtime sipping spot, the Garage, Bunny Hop is about the best way we can imagine to get outdoors, soak in some rays, and give back. A ten spot will get you in the door, and if you've got another to spare, then you'll find yourself enjoying a breakfast buffet alongside your Pabst…oh, what a day! As always, the fun comes with a costume theme, and this year's is "Black & White." (We anticipate strip-ed suits, over-the-top funeral-esque dresses, and plenty of white loafers…but there will also be a contest for the best bonnet/hat, and this is where we assume attendees will really shine.) Also in attendance on this goodly Sunday will be raffles, prizes, and an egg hunt, so everyone can feel like their six-year-old selves. But the primary reason to hit up the Bunny Hop extends beyond potential sunshine and a good Bloody Mary. As with the last couple of years, proceeds from the day of fun will go to support the Volunteers of America Homeless Youth Resource Center, "chosen because of their commitment to serving homeless youth via their outreach programs, drop-in center, and young men’s/women’s transition homes." Sounds as worthy and charitable as it does magically fun*, right? Uh huh.

6th Annual Bunny Hop | Sunday, March 27th, 11:00am to sunset | The Garage, 1199 Beck St.

*Ride your bike, call a Lyft/Uber, or designate your driver. We'll see your act there. 

Bunny Hop 2016


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