6 & 9 | The Perfect Palette

8/21/2014 | Amy Tibbals

If you've taken a smooth cruise down 9th Ave anytime in the last eight months or so [or if you read this post about the project in progress], then you've likely taken notice that there's a new addition on the north side of the road, just between F and G Streets, in the form of a modern build. Whether or not you had a heads-up on the project, it's here now and it's fabulous. This classic, modern space was a build-on-spec collaboration between David Vitek Partners and John Patterson. They asked me to bring a few tasty design ideas to the table to create something that would appeal to a home buyer with design savvy and an appreciation for spot-on craftsmanship [a.k.a. serious quality].

This 6 & 9 property is officially complete, and we received the best possible reward for our hard work: we had a buyer before we were done. We then partnered with said buyer to tweak to his liking and make the place feel as personal as possible. A few variations on the original design notwithstanding, we're dang pleased with the result. We capitalized on the bright space with southern exposure and some big ol' windows, and we played with finishes throughout that felt as fresh as they did fantastic. This designer's favorite part: lighting fixtures. In any casa, they serve as one of the final touches in adding individuality and charisma to the space…a primary concern if you want to love where you live. COLLECTIVELY, we seek to connect good people with the spaces in which they belong, and the 6 & 9 project was no exception. Take a peek at the photos below. We have a feeling the buyer will fill 'er up with precisely the details she needs, but you can use your imagination.

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