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Salt Lake Street

Becca Stephenson | Aves Bistro

That bag is amazing. And the accessory? She’s adorable.


Kim Fearick | Tastemakers

‘Get it right, keep it tight’, seen here both literally and figuratively. And deliciously.


Candice Adams | E3 Modern

We’ve got a thousand words for this tasty ensemb…we’ll start with “love”.


Alli Uchida | Copper Onion

No surprise that a Copper Onion hostess is dishing up something good.


Lauren Bald | South Temple

The COLLECTIVE’s kick-ass intern, effortlessly living up to the title.


Nikki Breedlove | Landis Salon

That top + those boots = well-balanced dish.

To our beautiful, inspiring friend. Hang in there, lady…


Liz Radcliffe | Caffe Niche

It’s cold as hell…and making function look this tasty is not so easy, you understand.


Paul Arbuthnot | Angelina’s Corner

First, he builds our ‘Modern’ web page, then he walks in like THIS. You’re firing on all cylinders, Paul.


Jacquie Dadam | cityhome Office

Our own little Jacquie, fresh from a sultry Ralph Lauren ad. Thoroughbred not pictured.


Corigan Kushma | cityhome on 7th

The COLLECTIVE’s newest member reminding us that we made a solid choice.


Karen Kahoon | Pago

Lovely hair, adorable specs, and some red Mary Janes to lighten the step.


Kow Atta-Mensah | Brewvies Theater

Beer, fries, a flick…and this guy in this getup. It’s like Brewvies has everything.