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  • 839-e-south-temple-104-under-contract-2
  • Another Merry Spot | Maryland

    List Price: Under Contract Neighborhood: Downtown Property Profile: 943 sq. ft. | 1 bed, 1 bath Our Opinion: The last Maryland unit we brought to you was snapped up quicker than you can say "histo...READ MORE

  • 44-w-300-s-701-under-contract-1
  • High Rise Haven | American Towers

    List Price: Under Contract Neighborhood: Downtown Property Profile: 1,506 sq. ft. | 2 bed, 2 bath Our Opinion: If you haven't visited downtown's American Towers since the recent updates, we sugge...READ MORE

  • 7055-n-ridge-rd-available-1
  • Ridge Road | Welcome Home

    List Price: 670,000.00 Neighborhood: Lake Point/Tooele Property Profile: 4,739 sq. ft. | 6 bed, 5 bath Our Opinion: Just 30 minutes from downtown SLC, and nestled ever-so-cozily into its idyllic ...READ MORE

  • 1256-s-high-crest-available-1
  • All Things Considered

    List Price: 1,300,000.00 Neighborhood: Fruit Heights Property Profile: 6,744 sq. ft. | 5 bed, 4 bath Our Opinion: Good design--design that makes sense while making a statement--is hard to come by...READ MORE

  • Screen Shot 2016-09-13 at 6.46.21 PM
  • Oh, It’s For Sale! | Believe It.

    Purchase Price: Off Market Rental Price: Rented Neighborhood: Marmalade  Property Profile: 2,997 sq. ft. | 3 bed, 2.5 bath Our Opinion: Likely, you've seen this place before. Granted, it's attent...READ MORE

  • st-marys-circle-listing-sold-3
  • St Mary’s Circle | It’s All Happening…

    List Price: Sold Neighborhood: Foothill Property Profile: 5,607 sq. ft. | 4 bed, 4 bath Our Opinion: Of all the stunning spaces and rapturous residences we've made ourselves acquainted with over ...READ MORE

  • 3515-w-green-springs-available-1
  • Taylorsville Townhome

    List Price: 360,000.00  349,500.00 Neighborhood: Taylorsville Property Profile: 3,620 sq. ft. | 3 bed, 2 bath Our Opinion: As far as townhouses go, this number in Taylorsville is about as thoug...READ MORE

  • 4446-adonis-under-contract-2
  • Adonis Drive | A Godly Remodel

    List Price: Under Contract Neighborhood: Olympus Cove Property Profile: 7,875 sq. ft. | 5 beds, 4.5 bath Our Opinion: You know Adonis was the Greek God of desire and beauty, right? Yes, yes…...READ MORE

  • 1661-federal-heights-price-reduced-1
  • Such Great (Federal) Heights

    Price: 1,580,000.00 1,385,000.00 Neighborhood: Federal Heights  Property Profile: 6,447 sq. ft. | 8 bed, 6 bath Our Opinion: The classics are referred to as such for a reason. Casablanca, "Sweet H...READ MORE

  • 166-layton-ave-sold-2
  • A Little Love on Layton

    List Price: Sold Neighborhood: South Salt Lake Property Profile: 994 sq. ft. | 3 bed, 1 bath Our Opinion: A recent remodel (permits were pulled an' errything) has breathed new life into this coz...READ MORE

  • 239-n-virginia-st-price-reduced-1
  • Virginia Street | So Very Suite

    List Price: 2,350,000.00 2,200,000.00 Neighborhood: Federal Heights Property Profile: 8,000 sq. ft. | 6 bed, 5 bath Our Opinion: Hear that? It's the sound of a thousand low-whistles. "Good lord,...READ MORE

  • 120-shamrock-under-contract-1
  • Shamrock Lane | Lucky You

    List Price: Under Contract Neighborhood: Stansbury Park Property Profile: 1,457 sq ft | 2 bed, 2 bath Our Opinion: This handsome two-story is the perfect spot for those looking for a place to call ...READ MORE