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Place of Worship | Phil Erickson Photography

  • November 23, 2012


    Fine. Yes. We realize that it may be a tad blasphemous to place our very own remodel in the realms of the divine, but really, we’re just looking to give credit where credit is due. Phil Erickson is the clever sir behind our more incredible property photos, and it’s high time we gave him some public praise. We’ll start with the Eastwood/Ron Molen Remodel — we defy you to not be mesmerized with what you see below. We’ve collaborated with Phil for the last 5 years or so, and his work has yet to fall short of perfection. This property closed just a few nights ago, and it’s time to hand the keys over to new owners, Sara and Brandon. These shots — aaaaand the amazing feature in Revolv Magazine — seem like an apropro way to close the chapter on our efforts. In the spirit of the holiday upon us, we’d like to offer a multitude of thanks to Phil for his flawless work on the spaces we toss his way. Gracias and danke, fella.

    Phillip K Erickson | Ron Molen/Eastwood Remodel | Revolv Magazine Launch



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