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Modern + Mountain | Heber

  • October 14, 2015


    List Price: Off Market

    Neighborhood: Heber

    Property Profile: 5,650 sq. ft. | 5 bed, 6.5 bath

    Our Opinion: From the front, it’s a soaring, architecturally-designed cottage, trimmed by a few trees and the prettiest walk-up you ever did see. But inside? Inside, you’ll be met with updates aplenty and square foot after square foot of spectacularly luxe space. A pitched roof makes for nice, high ceilings, and a tidy sum of windows make each wide, open room feel light, bright, and breezy (and we’re not mad about those exposed A-frame beams, either). The floorplan here is utterly fluid and entirely functional: the immaculate kitchen (those countertops!) connects directly to the main entertaining space (those windows! That view!). A striking, double-sided fireplace (and a beautiful set of French doors) connects the space with a private sitting room/reading nook/morning mediation spot. Sky-high ceilings and a staggering set of windows make this room feel positively one with the private back patio you’ll find just outside. (And with views like these, we suspect you’ll somehow manage to find a bit more time in your busy schedule simply for sittin’.) A cool couple of private balconies off of bedrooms, a private theater room (consider this our RSVP to movie night), and a jaw-droppingly pretty view from the private patio are a few of the things that remind us of why we so love homes that mix the great outdoors with the (just as great) indoors. And if all this space–both inside and out–weren’t enough, this cozy home comes with an entire, separate guest house with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and all the homey fixtures to match. Reserve it for overnighters or literally hand-pick your neighbors. Handsomely tucked into the hills of Heber–just a wee bit south of Park City–this pristine spot is the perfect place for those ready to pack up and plunk themselves into the wide openness of America’s backyard. This is all the freedom and breathe-it-in beauty of the country, without sacrificing any of yer city slicker conveniences. This is “don’t fence me in” territory with a formal dining room; it’s Butch Cassidy with wifi. This is the high life. Won’t you come in?

    Contact Cody Derrick at cityhomeCOLLECTIVE for additional details or to schedule a private showing | 801.718.5555

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