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The type of people that make this salty city oh-so-special, Jen Buckallew and Ted Warner’s is a true story for the CHC books. They are clients (with a Harvard & Yale spot currently up for grabs), friends, and local entrepreneurs that follow suit with our favorites: they're the ones who are wholly invested in bettering these briny boulevards through various prolific passions.

What’s more, their business embodies all the accolades of its owners. Unequivocally creative, The Reverstaurant is a food truck co-op that, in addition to bringing together all-manner-of delicious bites, offers up indoor seating in an environment that is equal parts clean and cozy. Plus, this spot ensures that a visit to any number of terrific trucks is no longer made less savory by colder temps.

Give us your tired, huddled masses, yearning for Poutine and Central heating.

Also worth mentioning are the altruistic-aspects of The Reverstaurant. Inside, wall space is entirely dedicated to local artists, providing a platform for patrons to purchase some truly one-of-a-kind works. The Reverstaurant also sponsors "Monthly Roundups", the goal of which is to channel a percentage of truck sales to one of the many goodly groups that call this city home. 

For those whose appetite for truck-based treats hasn't been curbed by colder days, The Reverstaurant has a whole-lotta-good on the horizon. Their November Roundup is taking place on the 18th and is slated to feature eight vegan-only trucks with a portion of the proceeds going to Rescue Rover Adoptions. Plus, every Friday and Saturday night, The Reverstaurant hosts local DJs, meaning all bites are accompanied by stellar beats. To round it all off, our COLLECTIVE member Mark Seely is the artist currently on display, meaning there really hasn’t been a better time to quench your craving for food truck fare with a visit to this kindly co-op.

Tacos a-la-carte and Local art. A truly perfect pairing.

The Reverstaurant | 329 E 300 S

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