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The Avenues Condominiums

List Price: 374,900.00 Location: 1121 East 1st Avenue | The Drayton Building Property Profile: 4 Condominiums – 2 bed, 2 bath | 1,290 sq. ft. each. Our Opinion: The units inside The Drayton building give character-rich apartments in places like New York, San Fran


Tracy Aviary

Smack in the middle of Liberty Park, SLC peeps can visit one of our city’s coolest spots [we mean both shady and rad]. Tracy Aviary has just undergone an incredible makeover, and it’s well worth checking out. The birds are amazing, as expected. But


Tea Grotto | For Zen

We loooove the Tea Grotto’s new space and menu. If brevity were the order of the day, we’d simply say they’ve nailed it. Molly and Brad are the current owners of the Tea Grotto, having purchased it in March from its 8-year previous owner,


The Broadway Lofts

List Price:  200,000.00 – 1,500,000.00 Neighborhood: Downtown Property Profile: 58 condo-conversion units | 800 – 2,600 sq. ft. | 1 bed, 1 bath to 3 bed, 2 bath Our Opinion: Perfect execution, we say, in blending old charm and new luxury. Converted in 1998,


Laziz | Middle Eastern Spreads

Laziz is Arabic for ‘delicious’, and — now — it’s a thriving, middle eastern food producer born right here in Salt Lake. Moudi [short for Mohammed] Sbeity and Derek Kitchen are ardent food lovers brought together via a political blog during studies at USU.


Xtend Barre

Tutus and leotards were never a part of my childhood wardrobe. Naturally then, when a friend suggested I try Xtend Barre as part of my weekly workout regime, I was a tad intimated. I’m not a dancer, but I finally gave in after the


The King’s English Bookshop

35 is a good age. Even better if you’re an established/amazing institution with substantial community support. The King’s English Bookshop has been doing it’s thing in Salt Lake for a while now, and it’s clearly stood the test of time. The location of their


Store Your Gear | Use It Here

SLC dwellers are lucky, to say the least — this land is brimming with places and spaces to ‘get out’. For that very rad reason, our little family has managed to accumulate 5-years’ worth of gear; anything that enables us to utilize the trails,


Brick Cottage Love

Price: Off Market Neighborhood:  Harvard Yale Property Profile:  1,266 Square Feet  |  2 bed, 1 bath Our Opinion:  This little treat is an easy charmer on a tree-lined street in the Harvard/Yale area. Brick exterior, complete with hardwood floors and a myriad of cozy and


Happy On Hubbard

List Price:  Sold Neighborhood:  Harvard Yale Profile: 3,126 sq. ft. | 5 bed, 4 bath Our Opinion: Oh, this is tasty. Modern dream house with eclectic style and a good vibe. COLLECTIVELY adored architect, Ron Molen, brought this to life in 2001. Since then, it’s been loved and finessed by one


Beehive Bicycles

Beehive Bicycles is an incredible little bicycle shop in the 15th & 15th neighborhood. We took a field trip in the spirit of checking things out, and it left little doubt…bike enthusiasts founded this spot.  Greg [owner] and Rob [Greg's right hand everything] chatted


Downtown Luxury Home

List Price: Sold Agent: Cody Derrick Neighborhood: Downtown Property Profile: 5,825 sq. ft. | 2 bedroom, 5 bathroom, 1 pool, residential and commercial space. Our Opinion: This living space is, quite literally, the best of all worlds.  A commercial space that allows you to work