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Corigan Kushma corigan@cityhomecollective.com 435.770.8783 Corigan has landed in our circle with a background laden in travel and varied efforts. A former wild-land firefighter/model/archeologist, among other things, she attained a real estate license as a direct result of interest in real estate law. A certified negotiations expert, Corigan wields a good bit of COLLECTIVE clout, but we’re also smitten with her passion for historic preservation, adaptive re-use, and sustainable building practices. A top producing agent, her vast catalog of skills can be reduced to a savvy ability to identify with client needs, be they in residential or commercial capacities. Translation: smooth, seasoned sailing for your transaction.
Corigan Kushma

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The Market’s Farmers | Part VII

Earthwings This counts as one of the more fascinating attractions at the Farmer’s Market this year. It’s Eric McGill and a few feathered friends, slangin’ good-cause vibes and such. Eric founded the non-profit organization Earthwings, which provides traveling educational programs and displays of live


The Market’s Farmers | Part VI

Mamachari Kombucha Christy Jensen is the good soul and bad ass behind Mamachari Kombucha, the first locally-brewed and -distributed kombucha tea. Oh, and she’s doing it all herself. Christy grew up in Japan, landing a while later in our beautiful state to study artisan



One of the things we COLLECTIVELY love most is the mass gathering of creative, influential people in the spirit of changing the world for the better.  The non-profit TED has been devoted to this effort since the 80s, having since created the TEDx program


The Market’s Farmers | Part V

Dead Mule Pottery The SLC Farmer’s Market is still swangin’ each and every Saturday, and might we suggest you work your way to Dead Mule Pottery for some seriously hand-thrown ceramics. Austin Riddle is a Salt Lake local, and if Everett Ruess had worked


The Market’s Farmers | Part IV

Sweet Salt Lake Fresh Mint Limeade Hasen and Teri Cone have been killing it at the Farmer’s Market this summer, thanks to their dynamite fresh mint limeade. The booth is bustling, to say the least; we’d say a line down the street covers it. Full


Mideau | Album Release

If you’ve yet to hear the music of Mideau [pronounced Mid-oh], allow us to enlighten. It’s a combination of the talents of two Salt Lake originals — Libbie Linton and Spencer Harrison — and it yields a vintage-esque, Indy-ish, kinda poppy, totally delicious sound.


The Market’s Farmers | Part III

Prickly Rock Honey This week at the SLC Farmer’s Market, we’re staying true to the hive. As you peruse the goods at Pioneer Park, a few lines of glowing, amber jars might nab your attention at the Prickly Rock Honey booth, and you should


The Market’s Farmers | Part II

Sugar Daddy Sweet Shoppe Meet Redge Johnson, the ‘daddy’ behind Sugar Daddy Sweet Shoppe. Sweets must have been in the DNA code, because this guy started baking and making up his own recipes at the age of 10. Somewhere in the middle, Redge put


The Market’s Farmers | Part I

Chad’s Produce We’re obviously pretty proud of our city. There are a thousand varied events and happenings for our inhabitants that have popped up over the last few years, and each marks another small step toward becoming the diverse, outdoorsy, creative capital of the


Park City Arts Fest | Opening Gala

Talk about a perfect evening. It’s over now, but we thought we give you a wee taste of the 44th annual Opening Night Kimball Arts Festival Gala. Perched above Park City at the Stein Eriksen Lodge, guests of the gala dabbled in cocktails, dinner, auctions,


Stoneground | Summer Splendor

Stoneground restaurant [on 400 S]. has been a prized, local spot for over 10 years. They’ve got a few, cool details working in their favor, including a prime downtown location, charming ambiance, and some tasty Italian recipes courtesy the of owner, Bob’s, grandma. There’s


The Modern Chair | A Challenge

Let this be a quick call to all Salt Lake City designers, woodworkers, furniture makers, and lovers of craft: Mod-a-Go-Go [stick around -- we've got plenty more to say about them in the coming weeks] will be hosting SLC’s first-ever Modern Chair Design Showdown.