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Amy Tibbals amy@cityhomeCOLLECTIVE.com 801.867.2343 Amy Tibbals is very personally connected to the COLLECTIVE. Her contribution runs left of the mainline; our singular weakness happens to find balance in her strength. An English degree lends a scrap of credibility, but her talent lies in marking up a paper until it bleeds with red. Such tendencies have led her to a position as our comprehensive copy editor, brand manager, and website admin. In spare times, she lobbies heavily against the use of such terms as ‘irregardless’ and ‘ginormous’. For a day's pay, she dolls up every last word we send into the world. In effect, she does for our content what we do for your space.
Amy Tibbals

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BALM Apparel | Print’s Not Dead

Social media is a weird, remarkable thing, and admittedly, we don’t fully understand its many inside secrets. Its incredible power to ‘make or break’ seems surprising at times, perhaps because it’s utilized on something no bigger than an artisanal chocolate bar. Only the slightest


The COLLECTIVE Clergy | Paris

Way we figure, why stop now? Since we’re officially back on track with our COLLECTIVE Clergy intros (oh, did you not meet Katie last week? Must read…), we’re just going to keep things chugging along. After all, did you know we have a gang


Quint-Essentials | Papered Planes

Welcome to the latest installment of Quint-Essentials–our COLLECTIVE way to bring you five of our favorite home-y things. Think of this as a truncated gist of the goods that we’ve sold, designed, or featured; this is all the best stuff in rapid-fire format. In


Apollo Drive | Godly Design

Some years ago, our goodly head honcho was the proud owner of a home on the hill. The house on Apollo Drive was a dreamy, mid-century mecca that had been remodeled to perfection by its previous owner, who was ever-so-careful to make the much-needed


VanCott | This Perfect Lot

Full disclosure: we’ve been having something of a love affair with this Ed Dreier home for years now. We’ve seen it through multiple owners, gasped repeatedly, drooled over the clean lines and life behind massive windows shrouded in trees. And when one architecturally-inclined cityhomeCOLLECTIVE


The COLLECTIVE Clergy | Katie

Well, it’s been faaarrr too long since we’ve done one of these, gang. The COLLECTIVE Clergy is a series designed to introduce you to us. Y’know…offer up a little insight on the hamsters that keep this COLLECTIVE wheel spinning. We’ve rounded out a handful


A Lofty Redesign

More often than not, we know that finding the perfect home as is can be a really difficult task. More regularly, our clients will fall in love with some particular feature of a home–the location, the architecture, the views, or the yard, for example–and


Where Children Sleep

We are cityhomeCOLLLECTIVE, and we are a lot of things. We are lovers of good food, good people, and clean lines. We are advocates for loving who you love, what you love, and–above all else–where you live. We believe in the power of place


The COLLECTIVE Clergy | Corigan

Some time ago, I did my best to give a proper intro to the COLLECTIVE’s Jenny Compton. As you likely gathered, we feel just fine about publicly declaring profound and unconditional love for our own. The clergy entails those of us SLC-doting humans that


The COLLECTIVE Clergy | Brian

It’s been a minute since our last COLLECTIVE Clergy installment, and I figure we should keep the introductions rolling in the interest of making sure that all of you know all of us. For the sake of memory joggery, I’ll remind you all that


Smooth Blend | Perfect End

As interior designers, it’s imperative that we act as curators. Yes, yes…we know the term is technically reserved for museum speak, but really, it applies to our efforts quite seamlessly. That is to say, we select, cull, and edit each space in which we


Giving Tuesday | #ThisIsHome

We don’t dislike Black Friday entirely, folks (it is our favorite color, after all, and if you can snag that one thing you’ve been eyeballing on the cheap, then more power to ya), but we also won’t deny that we’re all for Small Business