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Oh, It’s For Sale! | Believe It.

  • January 3, 2017


    Purchase Price: Off Market

    Rental Price: Rented

    Neighborhood: Marmalade

     Property Profile: 2,997 sq. ft. | 3 bed, 2.5 bath

    Our Opinion: Likely, you’ve seen this place before. Granted, it’s attention-getting on its own (a striking modern, perched on a perfect Marmalade corner will slow the car every time), but we’ve also featured the custom crib on this very site a time or two before. The interior was a COLLECTIVE labor of love, its residents were the subjects of our fourth Find Your Space campaign, and it holds a place in the coveted Place of Worship hall (it’s that good)–so you can safely assume this casa bears a COLLECTIVE badge of approval. Impeccably designed, beautifully furnished, and all in a pretty-damn-walkable neighborhood: this is the SLC jackpot, folks, and as of right now, it’s for sale. Prefer to rent? That’s okay, too. Yes, rub those eyes all you want–the fact will still remain. This is one of our all-time favorite homes, owned by some of our all-time favorite people, and it could all be yours (potential for those fabulous furnishings, too). As we’ve touted in previous stories, “Everything, from each of the bathroom vanities, to the burl wood-clad kitchen island, to the front door itself, is a simple, clean, and deliciously one-of-a-kind detail.” You’ll find the layout to be perfect for parties while also serving as a seamless fortress of solitude. Says architect Matt Hintze, “The house engages the site with a sunken courtyard, and has glass walls which engage the active street corner and provide a dialogue with the pedestrian and auto traffic on Center Street.” Whatever your must-have boxes, we’re assuming this spot has long since checked every single one. True, some things are too good to be true–but some things are exactly good enough.

    Contact Cody Derrick at cityhomeCOLLECTIVE for additional details or to schedule a private showing | 801.718.5555

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