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Place of Worship | Ed Dreier Dish

  • December 7, 2012


    Neighborhood: Foothill / St. Mary’s

    Architect: Ed Dreier | Built 1957, renovated 2005 -

    Our Opinion: Hubba, hubba. This happens to be one of those homes that makes us beam with pride for SLC. You likely don’t expect it, but once it’s brought to your attention, it becomes clear that this is precisely where it should be. Sure, the pool is an obvious warm-weather perk, but it’d be just as easy to appreciate the snow from those windows. Owners, Christa Zaro [a PA native] and her husband, Steve Goorman [an import from L.A.], purchased the home, then embarked on a massive overhaul in the spirit of respect and restoration. Details that define the style of Dreier [and other MCM architects'] homes are in tact and abundant throughout [remodel architect for the project was Brent Gresbeck]. Case in point, the rock wall surrounding the pool, which matches that in the dining area and upstairs patio space in paradigm mid-century, interior/exterior flow. Materials and shapes repeated throughout the property lend authenticity to the well-executed updates, as seen in the wood panels, flooring, and hardware. Essentially, regardless of your position in the space, you’re surrounded by elements that remind you of where you’ve just been and give you a sneak peek of what’s to come. Christa and Steve clearly made big efforts to honor the style and aesthetic of the original work; inspiring to see it pulled off so beautifully.

    Owner’s Opinion: “We knew we had a gem when we knocked on the door and asked the owners to buy the house; even amid the mess [most notably a French, country kitchen], we knew we had to own it! Most friends thought we were crazy, but those who ‘got it’ realized what we saw: a modern masterpiece. We started the remodel in 2005 and we’re still not finished. Our process is slow because we’ve found that it’s difficult to find the right people that share our vision; we don’t want to make any wrong decisions. This house has so much character that you can’t put in conventional pieces. At one point, we found chunks of Vermont green slate in a dirt pile behind the house. We determined that it was removed from the hallway and replaced with green Home Depot slate. After some research, we decided to take the hallway back to original slate, which we extended to the kitchen. The exterior of the house was in shambles when we bought it. We put in all of the retaining walls, landscaping, and gates. We had over $20K worth of boulders removed – ‘sewer rocks’ that were incredibly ugly – and  we were so happy to get rid of them. There were also four pine trees measuring over 40 feet that obstructed our view, so we cut them down. We’re the caretakers of this house now…it consumes us and it’s our hobby. Our house is filled with the laughter and toys of children; it’s not a cold home which can be typical of this modern style. We love it. We can’t see ourselves living anywhere else. Well…maybe by the ocean.” — Christa Zaro

    Contact Cody Derrick at 801.718.5555 for more information on this Place of Worship or others like it.




    1. Jo
      Friday, December 7, 2012 10:30 am

      Absolutely beautiful!!!! What a fun project to have.

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