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After After | Farmer’s Market

  • October 17, 2013


    Sometimes we forget to give thanks as often as we should. So today, we’re offering a handful of them to the people of SLC. What started as a little idea for a gathering of folks in an extraordinary space was brought to fruition on a crisp and clear evening the Sunday before last. The atmosphere was casual and communal, the vendors were ripe with generosity and wares, and the attendees were bustling with cheer and conversation. The smell of fresh coffee, apple cinnamon hot toddies, and herbal teas grazed our noses. Local wine, cheeses, peaches, and hot stroopwafels found their way into our bellies. We giddily traded crumpled dollars for trinkets and treats that would find their way home with us. Community. Love. Space. These are a few of our favorite things.

    ‘Thank you’ to the always-on-top-of-their-shit Sugar House Libations for the carefully-curated, Autumn-inspired beverages. And, to The Queens’ Tea, a newcomer to our midst that we can’t wait to steep with again. ‘Danke’ to the facially- and folically-blessed individuals at Charming Beard Coffee Roasters, and to our generous client and sponsor, Scott Cunningham, of Bottleneck Wines. ‘Gracias, amigos’ to Katie at Beehive Cheese [who straight sold out, I do believe] and to our new friends and the makers of the best treat we’d never heard, Cirkels Stroopwafels. Xièxie to Bullets and Bees Boutique for your sorta-naughty, extra-cheeky, hand-made lingerie, and to our talented buddies at fullgive Leather. And to our very own Stacey Jo and her labor of love Ker-ij Jewelry, and the Bourbon Gal herself, Darby Doyle for untold amounts of help. Oh yeah, and to Stacey Foster of Mineral + Matter, who took a chance, called us up, and asked if she could be a part of the evening: that’s awesome. Good on ya.

    This little storefront is more than exposed brick and hardwood floors. It’s a good spot, it’s good vibes, and it’s Salt Lake City. Check it out here to see if it’s for you. And when you buy it, remind us to throw you a little shindig in the spirit of thankful days like this. Cheers.




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