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Top 10 Best Things about Brew + 'Q 2018

9/27/2018 | Amy Tibbals
Kerri Fukui

Do you remember? The 21st night of September?

It was, as always, a night most magical. Months of planning goes into this little soiree, and in the blink of an eye (and the pour of a few hundred beers, the wharfing down of a few thousand portions of locally made grub), it was done. Finished. Gracefully brought to a glorious close.

But rather than wax on about how much we love our community and our clients and our local businesses (it's a lot), we thought we'd just offer up the footnotes on our favorite things about this year's fun time. Here's all the stuff that we think made our 6th annual back-lot bash the very most:

1. Flawless floral: Sophie Islip, owner of Florette, showed up on the day of with a veritable field full of dahlias, pampas grass, ranunculus, and the like. Then, somehow, she skillfully arranged hem into mesmerizing, palette-perfect bunches that made every table at the party look absolutely STUNNING. The thing is, we love pretty, and Sophie made us shine.

2. Pulled pork sliders: If you know, then you know. Pat's BBQ (Pat himself, actually) has shown up to our party thrice now (you know him by the line that spans our entire parking lot...for the entire night) to dish his award-winning BBQ, and we love him dearly for it. Word has it he'll be back again next year...we assume that means you will, too?

3. Ice cream & cookie dough: The only reasonable way to follow up (or precede) BBQ, pretzels, fish tacos, and paella is with sweet things of the highest order. Thanks to Normal Ice Cream and Dough Co., we assume everyone in attendance did things the right way. Alexa, we'll spend our COLLECTIVE lives clamoring for your bars, cones, and sandos. Mike and Sarah, don't you ever leave us. Doughn't you dare.

4. Boatloads of beer: We love a cold one as much as the next gal, and thanks to the brewing genius of Uinta and Kiitos (a million thanks, actually), you lucky dogs had your pick of seven different beers--raspberry and coconut, ales of the blonde, wheat, and pale variety, hefeweizen, etc. It was all yours for the drinking (and served by some of our favorite people...you know who you are). And speaking of beer...

5. Those koozies: Right?! It was kind of an inspired idea, serving your sips in something so sexy. Once we passed the design buck to our good friend and graphic designer Adam Deleeuw, we had little doubt that it was going to look amazing. Thanks, babe, you're a genius in the eye of the beer-holder. (And thanks to Spilt Ink for the perfect screen print!)

6. That tent: I mean, come on. We've thrown this party for several years now, and at the risk of sounding as though we're patting our own backs (we are), that tent was SO GOOD. The weather was absolutely perfect, and we didn't technically "need" it, but no matter -- having string lights and some shelter off of which to bounce that warm glow made it all so much cozier. Considering installing one permanently just for the vibes.

7. Pretzels and paella: Did you see that paella? Did you?! It was an orb of art. Thee biggest, most beautiful circle of flavor. A pan of perfection that fed the masses. Thanks to the folks at Finca for the chef and the subsequent joy he brought. And while we're on the topic of great SLC restaurants, another one showed up for us with some next-level pretzel bites and warm cheese...heaps of thanks to Trestle Tavern, because we kinda think those pretzies are a clutch component to the success of this party.

8. Fish tacos: Nomad Eatery rolled into our parking lot with smiles, tortillas, and the rest of the ingredients for a good fish taco, and for that, we're grateful. What goes better with beer/wine/water/life than a fish fry?

9. Tavi on the 1s and 2s: Avenues Prom Committee keeps giving us the sweetest taboo. You see this man, year after year, at the Brew + 'Q turntables, and we'll keep asking him back for as long as he'll do it. Upstairs and down, inside and out...he's a smooth operator, this one. This is no ordinary love.

10. Your mug: Our favorite part was that you showed up for a good time, and our biggest hope is that you had one. Thanks to our favorite photographer Kerri Fukui for capturing the magic like only she can. Have a scroll below...maybe your mug is in the mix. See you next year.

*If you're a local vendor who's interested in being a part of next year's Brew + 'Q, let us know! Email [email protected]

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