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We may not be seeing the expected winter weather just yet, but that doesn't mean our inclination to embody all that is cozy has been dampened. And in said effort to find a spot wherein one can hunker down and embrace the warmth, there is one space that always comes to mind: #208 in the Maryland building is, essentially, the spacial equivalent of a hug. In fact, that's precisely what it was designed for...peaceful, poised well-being. When CHC owner, our very own Cody Derrick moved into the space several years ago, he embarked on a complete re-design of the condo. Floors were stained, rooms were painted, the kitchen and sunrooms completely overhauled. Wall to wall, floor to ceiling. No surface left behind. And the result is a lesson in warm, moody magic.

The best part: it's going on the market next week.

There. We've said it. Come next Friday, this silky-smooth flat will be up for grabs. Potentially yours for all the living, laughing, and loving you can handle. We've gathered here more times than we can count. It's perfect for parties...just roomy enough to keep things intimate. Suppers are ideal around the massive (custom) marble table, candles abound and that Adler chandelier dimmed to perfection. The entire space has you covered, musically--speakers were built into the ceiling in every room (including kitchen/bath). And when we wanted nothing more than to snuggle up and watch Die Hard, we took our blankets and wine to the east sunroom, where a projector was slyly installed above the french doors.

We're happy for you, sure...
but it's a little bittersweet for us.

Maybe you first saw it on the cover of Utah Style & Design, or read the accompanying story where it was deemed "...an oasis of timeless comfort and debonair style." Or perhaps you saw it on the pages of Estero Magazine, where we explained the importance of creating a space that provides that which you absolutely need. Or maybe you've simply fallen in love with the design photos on our website or Cody's Instagram. Doesn't matter how you know. Love is love. You should chase that feeling.

Watch for the full listing next week or contact us at 801.661.2759 to schedule a private showing.


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