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We all have a favorite "spot", be it your go-to deli, the perfect coffee shop, or (in this case) that designer consignment store that never fails to make you feel as though you've just successfully plundered your wealthy friend's well-stocked closet. Name Droppers is something of a Utah staple. Tiffany Colaizzi has owned and operated N.D. from the start, and after 23 years of successfully peddling brands like Chanel, Isabel Marant, Gucci, and the like, we've come to trust her (and her staff) completely.


and the experience is made all the better by an inspired level of customer service. Says Tiffany, "Customer service is everything to me. I personally accept and price every item that comes through the stores. Some of the merchandise never makes it to the floor because I do so much personal shopping for those who don't have time to look through the racks themselves for that one special piece. I'm good at sizing body types and I'll only dress clients to accentuate best features." Her staff of personal shoppers is similarly prepped and ready to help, and each has been mentored by Tiffany to offer up a perfect client experience. We chatted with her to get more info on the game of slaying and recycling in equal parts...keep reading (below).

Name Droppers | 3355 S Highland Dr. & 2350 E Parleys Way

Tell us the impetus for starting all of this: Growing up in Newport Beach, CA, there was a lot of emphasis on style and fashion. My mother, Deanna, had been consigning her clothing for years, so stopping at the store to drop off clothing or pick up a check was nothing out of the ordinary for us. I remember asking her how it all worked...I knew it was very different from other shops. She explained, and I remember telling her that I would have a store like that some day. By the time I reached high school, I was starting to collect inventory and fixtures to open a boutique.

And how about the actual merchandise at Name Droppers? We've been in business going on 23 years and we've made some amazing contacts and friends from all over the country. We receive merchandise from NYC, L.A., Newport Beach, Dallas, Hawaii, Vegas, Charleston, etc. Receiving from all these locations has helped us curate the best selection, and about 1/3 of the inventory is "new with tags on," thanks to our working relationships.

Who are your favorite designers? My personal favorites are Isabel Marant, Gucci, and Chanel. I love Isabel's clothing, Gucci shoes, and anything Chanel. They're my go-to designers for their timeless style, design, and excellent workmanship.

How about your personal style? Describe that. It's about my mood. Some days, I want to go all bohemian for fun, and others I'm into basics with a great piece of jewelry. I love to switch it up. I truly love every piece in my wardrobe, from my amazing collection of Chanel bags to my designers shoes, jewelry, and clothes. The fun thing about owning a consignment store is that when I'm ready to move on from a specific piece, I know the best store in town for resale.

Tell us how consignment actually works. It's simply the act of bringing your recognizable, designer-label clothing to us in like-new condition (only current styles purchased within the last two years, cleaned, pressed, and on hangers). If an account is set up for you, your items are inventoried then priced at about 1/3 of the retail cost. When the item sells, the client receives 40% of what it sells for. We accept consignments Monday through Wednesday, from 12:00 to 5:00pm or by appointment. We also accept menswear.

What else should we know? Shopping consignment is such a fun and smart way to go. It's a great way to wear designer merchandise of high quality (and know you'll be one of the best dressed people in the room with a one-of-a-kind piece...knowing full well you only paid a fraction of the retail cost). It's the best feeling ever. On the last full weekend of every month, Name Droppers does a big, end-of-the-month clearance sale at both locations (links above), and you can get on our VIP list for exclusive promotions about our sales. Starting September 1st, we'll be offering closet clean-outs and personalized styling sessions in-home or in-store (email [email protected]).

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